Full Moon Rising

As I left the house this morning for my hour long commute the weather was warm and it was foggy. On mornings such as this the fog may be thick near the river and in the valleys and absent in the flat dry areas. As I drove one of those flatter areas I noticed the still full moon in the brightening morning sky. I have a real fondness for a full moon. When I have traveled alone and the moon has been full I know that I can look up and see the same moon that my husband/best friend views thousands of miles away:)

Alone in the city staring at the moon I knew my love was looking at the same moon back at home.

This morning I had a really special treat. As I rounded a corner and the fog cleared the moon was shining through my windshield. As I looked out my rearview mirror the sun was dawning and the sky was beginning to sparkle brillance and color.

Some of my favorite photo’s are of the moon and the sunrise.


Somewhere over the Carribean

I have a friend who once said that she hopes that when she gets to heaven she has the job of coloring the sky. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME!

Rising moon in Antigua Guetamala, my personal favorite