She inspired those who knew her

Tonight we attended funeral services for a beautiful 20 year old friend of my middle daughter, Jess. She was a vibrant, compassionate, energetic young woman who had her life stolen when she began to use drugs. It was painful to stand with so many young people who mourned the loss of this beauty.

I pray for peace for the family. 

This is a photo from senior prom in 2009. Janine is the first in line. You will be missed.

5 thoughts on “She inspired those who knew her

  1. Dear friend in Christ… I am deeply sorry for your daughter’s loss… to lose a life at such a young age is terrifying… Thanks for sharing your pain with us. May God give peace to you and especially your daughter.


      • About three years ago my teacher’s son committed suicide due to a bipolar disorder. It was very unexpected. I knew the teacher really well and was good friends with her son. It was difficult to deal with… so I can relate… Just know that God is with you and He is your comfort. Blessings to you.


  2. I’m sorry for you and your daughters loss. I hope your daughter can find peace. I hope social services can get the funding to run prevention programs, and other outreach programs again to help prevent losses like this young woman.

    If your daughter continues to have a rough time with this there are many grief support programs often sponsored in hospitals and other social services. Members of my family and I have found them helpful.


    • Thank you for the kind thoughts. I too hope that we can find ways to fund programs to help our youth(especially) afterall they are our countries bright future.


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