What time is it anyway?

It has been many years since I last wore a watch. It’s not that I did not have one to wear, the bag full of watches in need of repair in my dresser drawer would tell otherwise. I do not know why I stopped wearing a watch but I came to realize there is a freedom in not having one on so it stuck.  

A week or so ago I approached my husband and said, “ hon, I have to tell you something”, he was pretty apprehensive given the seriousness of my mood but asked what it was. “I need to get a watch” I replied. He laughed, “you don’t say?” “Hard to believe, huh?” I asked him. My new job requires me to move throughout the hospital, meeting with people, talking, etc.. I never know what time it is so I cannot determine if I need to break free since I do keep appointments, loose as these may be. I have taken to asking people in the elevator what time it is.

Today we stood at the jewelry counter searching out a watch. Not as easy as one might think. It needs to match the wardrobe, be easy to put on without aid, and have numbers big enough to see. It took some searching but I eventually settled on a watch to purchase.  It is heavy on my wrist and I hope that I get used to wearing it. I am not sad, for what gave me freedom to go without will now give me a new freedom when I wear it. Seasons change and so should we.

5 thoughts on “What time is it anyway?

  1. Time is such a tricky thing but our world requires that we have it noted so a watch is helpful.

    Every so often I do without my watch for a day and I enjoy that experience and find that my awareness of how the light changes is a pretty accurate indicator of the time being told on a clock.

    Daylight saving sees me struggling a bit with that this week however:-)


  2. I understand your freedom exactly. I went for years with no watch, life continued, and no-one suffered. A couple of years ago I bought what I call a ‘nearly’ watch, on a whim. No marks on the dial, just hands – so it was always ‘nearly’ some time or another. Have fun with your new watch. I still forget to consult mine!


  3. I stop wearing watches in the summer. I’m the same as you, I do need it to make sure I’m at meetings etc. on time, but I feel much freer to not wear one. So it’s my little rebellion every summer that life should slow down for a few months. Thanks for leaving me a link to come and look at your post!



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