A Woman’s Sphere

It was a few years ago that I began to earnestly search for my “sweet spot” as Max Lucado calls it. The spot where who we are created to be intercepts with what we do.

I could inventory my gifts, talents and skills fairly easily but what it was I should do with them eluded me. As I do with so many things, I made the search much harder than it needed to be.

I have traveled quite a distance since I embarked on that journey. Now I know that with each day newness awaits discovery. Sometimes it is in an interaction with a person I am uniquely equipped to have, other times it is in something I have crafted, and at times it is found in the stillness of my morning quiet time.

Last week I attended a nursing conference and discovered this old picture. It says it all so far as I am concerned… I have pasted the link below for the website, it is really quite interesting if you are interested in the women’s progressive movement.


Cartoon about women's sphere


Thanks for reading.

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