What if?

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I have always enjoyed reading biographies. I guess I can thank my father for this fact. When I was young we would go to the library weekly and come away with a stack of new books. He would always choose one for me to read and it was always a biography.

In preparation for breast cancer awareness month I picked up the book Promise Me, by Nancy Brinker. I was really interested to discover how a single woman could create such a phenomenon as the Susan Komen Foundation. What I learned about this remarkable woman is that her desire to help others was instilled at a very young age. The following is a quote from Nancy’s mother addressing both girls at a very young age.

     “People have died for this country. People have sacrificed their lives so you could live in peace and freedom, and all that’s asked of you is that you take care of it. Stewardship. That’s all. You care enough about your community to look after those who aren’t as fortunate as you. When you see someone in need, you give. When you see something wrong, you fix it. Because its your country, it’s your community. You can’t sit around on your duff waiting for someone else to make it better. It’s up to you.”

This statement really struck me. How many of us heard these words growing up? I am younger than Nancy Brinker by a couple of decades and I can say that I did not. Stewardship was a word completely unfamiliar until I became a Christian seven years ago. With this kind of fire in her I can understand how this amazing woman created such a powerful organization. What if everyone had this fire inside, imagine the problems we could solve. Are you up to the challenge?