The Sabbath Day

Today is the Sabbath. Some have difficulty resting on the seventh day. Not me. My husband says that I can waste an entire afternoon reading a magazine which is precisely what I intend to spend an hour doing after I finish this post.

I rose early this morning and greeted the sun. I find it so refreshing to spend a quiet hour or two in my special space reading and sipping my favorite brew.



It was my turn to greet this morning so we were at the house of worship a little earlier than usual. The message this week was about Making the Most of Opportunity.  The scripture verse is Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Ephesians 5:15-16. If you would like to listen I have added the link.

We then headed home for a very tasty lunch of homemade low fat clam chowder. I made this last night and I will say it was absolutely wonderful and only eight points if you are a weight watcher like me.


Since the day was bright and sunny, temps in the mid forties we headed out with the dog for an adventure.

Let your curser dwell on the image for the title.


IMG_3049        IMG_3051






I can see the sunset from the window where I sit to type. The winterscape is framed in pink. There should be a quarter moon hanging in the sky tonight.

The night will end magazine then a movie. A refreshing end to the week.

Thanks for reading.

Weekly Photo Challenge-Hope

This beautiful Guatemalan child has put her Hope in something greater. I have been thinking quite a bit lately about HOPE because of the work that I do as a cancer nurse. People need HOPE. Deferred hope makes the heart sick. We need to have HOPE is things unseen. Faith to believe in things eternal. We need to offer HOPE to others when their cry is heard. For me, My HOPE is in You Lord.

Guatemalan Child


Couldn’t have said it better myself…

When I learned of this reblog option that other day I never actually thought that I would use it. When I read this blogger’s post and the comments being made I felt compelled to reblog what so many of us quite apparently think and struggle with.
As my comment on the blog states, technology was supposed to have made our lives easier, giving us more time(this I actually heard stated recently in some book I read). However we humans have found a way to allow it to complicate our lives giving us “one more thing to do”.
Hope you enjoy the post as much as I did…I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

Wordsmith's Desk


It does not take too long in the world of blogging to begin following bloggers that you like. Before you know it, you follow quite a few blogs, perhaps a bit more than you can keep up with. It happens.

Another thing that happens is that bloggers start following your blog. This is what makes a blogger smile…someone is following…someone likes what you write. It is like you have arrived; you follow and are being followed. Perfect…or is it?

With the rest of your life going on also, you find it difficult to keep up with the blogs you follow. Before you know it, you are no longer commenting because it’s quicker to hit the “Like” button. You also may find yourself skimming rather than reading some of the blogs you chose to follow. It happens.

All of this plus life going on plus finding time to write your…

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Favorite Pastime

  What is a pastime?

Something that amuses or makes time pass agreeably, according to Merriam-Webster. Baseball and books. I choose books.

 I love to read. I remember going with my dad to huge book fairs where the rooms would be filled with books for browsing when I was young. We would also make weekly trips to the library.

During the summer we would join the reading challenge culminating in a party at the end for all that met the requirement. *sigh, I always attended.


Recently I came across this quote…

Reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind; it forces you to stretch your own.
~ Charles Scribner, Jr.

ink and quill

Doesn’t it say it all? Reading allows us into another person’s mind. It forces us to confront bias we may not have even known existed for us. Stretching us to grow in new ways by expanding our worlds.

Do you know who said, “so many books, so little time”? You probably won’t believe it if you don’t know. Leave your guess in the comment space, I will provide the answer in a couple of days.

Love Books

Last year after several years of deliberating I asked my beautiful children to purchase me a Kindle for Mother’s Day. I is honestly the first time I can ever remember asking for a gift. I was nervous about the Kindle. Being such a book lover would I still get the same feeling~lets admit it this is emotional~ reading an electronic book? kindle

I took it with me when I traveled to Haiti in June. First let me say there was not the usual additional suitcase of books to carry(my husband was happy already). Next it was so easy to fan myself in the sweltering heat and hold the Kindle! Loving it… My little book light clipped right on to the top of the case…even better. Finished reading the first book in the airport on the way back to the states and could download the next one I wanted to read on the spot! Oh,yeah…convinced!

I still do read paper books. Not everything is available in electronic format(yet). I also subscribe to and read several magazines. Among my favorites are Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, and a wide assortment of cooking magazines. I am also once again listening to audiobooks on my two hour commute. I really enjoy this because I get books I would not necessarily read.

 Last year alone my reading adventures took me to India in Sisters of the Sari, Turkey in Gardens of Water, World War II stricken Germany in Those Who Saved Us. I spent time in early twentieth century Russia when I read Winter Garden. I also traveled the US in Hearts of Horses and Summer Secrets. I am sure there are others but I cannot recall them all. Which is why this year I will be using Goodreads.


is a site that I stumbled across sometime last year. It is a book site that can track you reading, reviews, Join book groups or start your own and has soon to be published books available for free(if you are selected). I was just awarded my first-I’ll let you know how I like it.

You can see what I am reading, read my recommendations and reviews and/or join yourself.

I have joined the reading challenge.logoAnd look forward to blogging my progress and furthering my travels.

Thanks for reading…

A Sunday Walk

Two weeks ago after sharing a wonderfully yummy meal with friends we took a walk in a local park. The day was sunny but cold. A nice day to capture with a camera.

Fort Trumbull, New London CT

As the third defensive structure to occupy this New London site, Fort Trumbull’s present stone fortress was built between 1839 and 1852. The first fort was attacked by British forces, led by Benedict Arnold, in 1781, ultimately causing the defenders to evacuate as New London was burned.

After serving as the site for Civil War training, the first Coast Guard academy, and a Cold War military research institute, the fort was transferred to the state of Connecticut and opened as its newest state park in 2000.


The entire area is steeped in national history dating back to the revolutionary war times. Within a few miles of this fort is the Groton Submarine Base, Electric Boat, The Coast Guard Academy and Fort Griswold(across the river in Groton).

Church Steeples

The view above is reaching into the city of New London. I really like the two church steeples against the blue sky. It is my favorite from the day.


Here I think the branch in the forefront gives great contrast to the backdrop of the river and city beyond.

Below look at the beautiful sky. The buildings in the foreground are quite old.


The four photos below are looking across the river in a sequence.

Electic BoatIMG_2998





It wasn’t warm enough to stay there long. The day was pretty though.




I am thankful the end of the work week has arrived. As you may recall I am a nurse working with breast cancer patients. It is a wonderfully rewarding experience that allows me to bring hope and healing into the hearts and lives of so many bright stars. At times however it can be very hard. While we have made tremendous progress in the treatment of breast cancer in the last 2 decades it does not always have a happy ending.

This week I was blessed to get to know a few women that have a more advanced stage of the disease. These gals are truly remarkable. Their strength second to no soldiers! I however have been overwhelmed with the unfairness of it all. Why God does someone who has faithfully had annual screenings get the news that their cancer isn’t a simple small tumor, after all it was only 12 short months ago the image was taken. Why? Why?

Where does her strength come from to endure the endless tests and the anxiety of waiting in between to hear if the nasty disease is claiming more of her body?

Why does the young woman with 2 young children with no insurance and no ability to get any have to learn that her cancer is now in her bones? Where am I to find the money to help her get a wig for when her hair falls out with her chemo?

No of this makes sense to me!

It does however make me draw closer to my God. I need your presence, wisdom and strength so that I can give these beautiful woman the love you have for them.

As I sit in your presence I hear you whisper to me. I get up to grab the bible off the shelf and am drawn to 2Cor 12:9. 

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

I am quite familiar with the first part of the verse: my grace is sufficient. What however grabs my attention is the later part…your power rests upon me and is made perfect in my weakness. This is only possible when I come to the end of myself. It is at the end of myself that you can take over, your power flows through. Oh, let it be! Not for me but for them.

There is something deeper…I sense a new beginning coming to the surface…


With Love and Admiration for all these brave woman in the battle for their lives.


The Wind

Many mornings I start my day in my personal sanctuary, a room designed by me, for me, when I first married my husband.

This morning as I sat I observed the sliver of the moon still high in the eastern sky. The wind was howling. I was struck at that time by the wind. All the different ways we can describe and feel it.



and refreshing.

Harsh, biting, bitter.

Strong. Forceful.




Have you noticed that sometimes, like today, you could hear the wind howling, watch the flags flap widely, yet the trees don’t move.

These are my small stones for the day.


“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

~Jimmy Dean

River of Stones

I have noticed the River of Stones image and writing on a number of bloggers pages. Today I had enough time to explore the concept. I do like the idea as it encourages the writer to be fully engaged with the world and then write a few words about it. Being totally present to the moment is something that I have been working to improve over the last several years and I can honestly say I am much better at it(or so I think), I guess we will see.

Today’s small stone:

Driving to work I noticed four crows sitting in four trees right in a row. Thought it would make an excellent photo but no time and no camera.



Are You There Yet? was the title for Sunday morning’s sermon. The question is asking about where it is we are on the road to our destination. And there is homework associated with the lesson.

First, where am I in relation to my destination?

Do I lack Destination-No

Do I lack Direction- NO

Do I lack Desire- No

Do I lack Determination- here I falter. A weakness. Only in Him can I be made strong. 

What brings me Joy? Satisfaction? (do more of it)

On of the things that brings me joy is the art of cooking. I have discovered I really love to cook. I buy food magazines and subscribe to online sites. Because of this joy I have begun to entertain more often. Sometimes elaborately, sometimes simply. It doesn’t matter…the joy comes from being together.

I have also discovered joy behind the lens. This I will show more of throughout the year.

Am I experiencing joy on a regular basis?

Oh yeah. If you need some, come see me I can usually give you a hefty dose.

I have been created and gifted for a purpose. How can I glorify God through my life?

I do this daily through my work and family. However I believe there is a new ministry to be birthed through me this year. I need to continue to pray and seek God for the answers I need.

I have been created and gifted for a purpose. How can I serve mankind though my life?

I am serving both in my home as I take care of my husband and my family as well as in my vocation. It the desire of my heart as well as my life purpose to nurse and bring healing. My thoughts for a new ministry will bring this to a new level. Risk is involved though. I will need to have determination to see it through to fruition. I guess that is part of why I am putting it out there, it will require me to come back to it, evaluate whether I am on track or if I quit before I have even given it a try.

I often say, things don’t change if things don’t change. Well I need to hang onto my hat cause the winds of change are blowing hard right now. I do however believe that if I stay true to the process a new level of freedom will be found. To this I say, Amen.