Time for a Fresh Start

“Let those that would move the world first move themselves”


It has been over two months since I have written a blog not for the lack of ideas but for the inability to make myself sit down and write. All is well in the world of Authentic Me. The year 2011 proved to be a great journey toward the discovery of my authentic voice.

The page of the calendar reveals a new year which brings opportunity for fresh starts/beginnings. I am not one for resolutions so to speak but I am a firm believer in goals setting with evaluation. To that end I have joined a challenge hosted by  THE #MYPATH PLEDGE.

Each day I will write my thoughts using a prompt. The quote shared is part of today’s prompt. My thoughts are as follows.

Motivation toward a goal comes from one of two places.

           Purpose and Passion.

Passion is the fire that burns inside of us activating our pursuit of the goal.

Purpose drives us toward the goal. We can have purpose without passion, think brushing your teeth, starting a new exercise program. In my experience when purpose unites with passion we enter our sweet spot.

I will take time these next couple of weeks in prayer and meditation seeking direction and wisdom for my life as I run full force into this new year.

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation.” ~Robert H. Schuller

I think this picture is a great illustration of passion united with purpose!


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