Life Shaping Choices

The #MyPath  Challenge Day 2

A person’s life is shaped by many different things. Happiness, which enlightens one’s life, love, which fulfills it, or even misery which challenges it. But above all, life is shaped by choice, as choice is what truly defines it.”
  – Anonymous


Write about a choice that you have made, that in some way, shape or form has defined your life.

Rarely a day passes that I do not find myself telling a person I am working with who has a cancer diagnosis that the choice made today will create their life five years from now. We are constantly making choices, some big, some small. All shape the future.

In early 2004 after several years of significant life changes I found myself on a quest to discover a deeper life meaning. It was during this time that I faced an emotional crisis and reached out to a dear friend for counsel. She in turn invited me to the church she and her husband pastored.

I made the choice to follow Jesus that week. That single decision has changed and shaped my life more that any other choice I have ever made. The choice has required me to surrender everything and stretch beyond my comfort zone time and again. It has reshaped my future in this life and for all eternity.


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