My Greatest Achievement

The #MyPath Challenge Day 3

The present is the blocks with which we build.
  – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


People constantly pursue that which they have failed to accomplish, and in doing so, often forget the goals that they have succeeded in reaching. Today, write about an achievement of yours that you are proud of, and the effect that it has had on your self-perception.

I have experienced the joys of many successes in my 47 years. The most significant achievement of my life bringing pride, laughter, joy, tears and memories would be the raising of my three beautiful children.

My children, now young adults themselves, in varying stages of independence are each bright and shining stars of the future and my greatest achievement.


Joshue, Emily and Jessica(left to right)


2 thoughts on “My Greatest Achievement

  1. a great photo – bless them as they discover their destiny. and bless you, too, as their mom. in my extended family, one of the families has three girls. the older two are Emily and Jessica as well 🙂


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