Alive Today

My Path – Day 5

One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, “What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?”
Rachel Carlson


Take a moment to observe the world around you. Look around, note all of the details, small or large, that makes the world what it is. Now imagine, what if this world that you know so well was suddenly changed; that it ceased to exist the next day. Write about what you would do differently today, if you knew that everything you had ever known would not be there tomorrow.

Have you ever given serious thought to this question? I don’t think I really had before it was posed to me yesterday as a writing prompt. It is certainly in keeping with some of the other thoughts I have had rolling around in my head as of late.

So my thoughts…

If the world would cease to exist tomorrow then only thing that would really matter would be where eternity would be spent.

If the world were to cease to exist tomorrow I would tell more people who Jesus is and why He came to save them.

If the world were to cease to turn tomorrow I would want to bring all of my family and friends into eternity with me(there is after-all going to be one big party)

If the world were to stop spinning tomorrow I would take more risks and live more dangerously. There would be no reason not to, right?!

If I lived like there would be no tomorrow I would be truly ALIVE today!

Life is being on the wire, everything else is just waiting. — Karl Wallenda

“If things seem under control, you are just not going fast enough.” — Mario Andretti

“Leap and the net will appear.” — Zen Saying







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2 thoughts on “Alive Today

  1. A great reminder to live more intentionally – and to do so intentionally 🙂
    thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Not sure if you follow up on comments, but I did reply (or respond, never can figure out which is the correct term) to your thoughts on possibly switching to Duotone. Just in case you didn’t see it:
    ….do feel free to change to Duotone. Just off the top it has a few limitations:
    1) only 3 widgets
    2) when you post more than one image, I find that the first may be a good size, but the others are a bit smaller. Apparently there is a work-around that, although I am not very technical, and the smaller images work for me as is.
    3) There is only one column available, so you don’t have many options of showing any additional info, but on the plus side, this makes for a neat, clean look.
    4) Very occasionally the background colour is not ideal, but on the plus side, the next post usually more than makes up for it.
    On the positive side:
    1) in addition to only having 3 widgets, you can add additional pages, and there is also an archive page which allows for search options either by month or by category
    2) there is a default search option in addition to the 3 widgets
    3) the background colours do add to the great look of the blog
    I think it’s a fun theme, and at the same time displays images beautifully and professionally. Do feel free to switch themes and enjoy!

    just one more thought – if you post an article only without a photo image, then the background will default to a grey colour.


  2. Ah if only we lived as if this were the first day and the last day … that feeling of love, awareness and understanding. But too soon that realization leaves us and we deal with the mundane things again…

    The secret is in LIVING life out loud for all to see and hear. How do we do that daily?

    The questions keep coming, huh?!


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