Walking in Light

The #MyPath Challenge Day 6 – Standing in One’s Own Sunshine

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson


Has there ever been a time in which you felt that you held yourself back? A time that you failed to let your own sunlight shine through? Write about this lost opportunity and what you learned from it. Afterwards, reflect on the actions you would take to ensure that this would not happen again.

Taken July 2011, RI Beaches

There have been many times I held myself back, failing to be who God created me to be…in fact I am sure there are still occasions when this occurs, although not with the same frequency(I hope).

While the losses are important as lessons(we certainly want to avoid repeat whenever possible) I prefer to focus on the gains since learning to walk in my own light.

First and foremost I have learned to accept people for who THEY are- I mean really accept. When I come across someone who is a bit of a challenge, I am sure you can think of someone, I remind myself that s/he too is a child of God. Who am I to critique the work of the Potter? Once acceptance is mastered it becomes easier to love, forgive and appreciate that its really not all about YOU.

Walking in acceptance has helped my grow into deeper friendships. In fact, it has caused me to seek out people who I might not necessarily at first glance think to engage with. This has really opened doors of opportunity.

This has also helped me to walk into and in who I truly am. I give less thought to what other people think about me. It has aided me to grow in authenticity. You see I am freer to discover who I am, what I like, do things that I enjoy doing. I am free to use the gifts that God has given to me without feeling judged or second guessing myself. For whom the son set free is free indeed.(John 8:36)

As I put these words onto paper I feel as though I am gaining even greater insight and appreciation to just how far I have traveled. I am so excited about the journey that I am on. Believing for even greater things than these.(John 14:12)

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free



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