Comfort Zone STretchinG

Through much of 2011 the pastor of our small church challenged each of us to volunteer two hours of our time. He came to the suggested two hours through some fancy math of subtracting things like sleep, work, eating, etc..

Over the years I have volunteered in many different organizations. Girl scout leader, softball coach, preschool press coordinator, PTO, room mother, Sunday school teacher. Each of these involved my children. I remember telling friends that by volunteering in the presence of my kids I hoped I was sowing good seed for them to do the same someday.


Well my kids are big now. Where I sow my volunteer time can take a different shape. I began to pray about this, seeking the right opportunity. Having written my life purpose down on paper more than a year ago I had my guide in hand. If the mission “fit” into my purpose I would be on track, if however it didn’t align I needed to keep on searching.

One day in prayer I was reminded of an organization I learned of a number of years ago. An internet search told me there was an office only a couple of blocks from my office. I reviewed the mission statement and philosophy and found it to be a great match. So I completed the application and hit SEND.

My relationship with Dress for Success has been born.


The mission of Dress for Success is to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.

A few weeks after my initial orientation I received an email asking for someone interested in volunteering as a steering committee member for the networking/fundraising event called Tiara Tuesdays. I answered the call. The director called me that day and said…I know its short notice but we are having a evening out tonight to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year, can you join us… Oh, why not? I had a wonderful meal with 7 new fascinating ladies who I trust will become new friends as we work together to grow the project. This past Tuesday I volunteered at my first Tiara event(TT). It was great fun. I met many new people and served a great cause. I am looking forward to the many different opportunity’s I will have to serve as the year progresses.

I am thankful for this challenge. It has reignited my interest to serve in meaningful ways by spurring me on.

A life is not important except in the impact it has on others.
~ Jackie Robinson (1919-72) American baseball player



3 thoughts on “Comfort Zone STretchinG

  1. Funny how things like this work out — isn’t it? I think you had to pave the way, do your research and be available for when the opportunity and need arose. And best of all, an evening meeting new and wonderful people!


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