Are You There Yet? was the title for Sunday morning’s sermon. The question is asking about where it is we are on the road to our destination. And there is homework associated with the lesson.

First, where am I in relation to my destination?

Do I lack Destination-No

Do I lack Direction- NO

Do I lack Desire- No

Do I lack Determination- here I falter. A weakness. Only in Him can I be made strong. 

What brings me Joy? Satisfaction? (do more of it)

On of the things that brings me joy is the art of cooking. I have discovered I really love to cook. I buy food magazines and subscribe to online sites. Because of this joy I have begun to entertain more often. Sometimes elaborately, sometimes simply. It doesn’t matter…the joy comes from being together.

I have also discovered joy behind the lens. This I will show more of throughout the year.

Am I experiencing joy on a regular basis?

Oh yeah. If you need some, come see me I can usually give you a hefty dose.

I have been created and gifted for a purpose. How can I glorify God through my life?

I do this daily through my work and family. However I believe there is a new ministry to be birthed through me this year. I need to continue to pray and seek God for the answers I need.

I have been created and gifted for a purpose. How can I serve mankind though my life?

I am serving both in my home as I take care of my husband and my family as well as in my vocation. It the desire of my heart as well as my life purpose to nurse and bring healing. My thoughts for a new ministry will bring this to a new level. Risk is involved though. I will need to have determination to see it through to fruition. I guess that is part of why I am putting it out there, it will require me to come back to it, evaluate whether I am on track or if I quit before I have even given it a try.

I often say, things don’t change if things don’t change. Well I need to hang onto my hat cause the winds of change are blowing hard right now. I do however believe that if I stay true to the process a new level of freedom will be found. To this I say, Amen.


2 thoughts on “Destination

  1. Good post! I find your blog to be inspiring and motivational too. As a result I am giving you 2 awards today. The first is the Candle Lighter Award (which I created to give recognition to blogs that light up the world). The link for that award is here:

    The next award is the Versatile Blogger Award (the link for that is here:, if you need help putting badges on to your blog: the link for that is here:


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