River of Stones

I have noticed the River of Stones image and writing on a number of bloggers pages. Today I had enough time to explore the concept. I do like the idea as it encourages the writer to be fully engaged with the world and then write a few words about it. Being totally present to the moment is something that I have been working to improve over the last several years and I can honestly say I am much better at it(or so I think), I guess we will see.

Today’s small stone:

Driving to work I noticed four crows sitting in four trees right in a row. Thought it would make an excellent photo but no time and no camera.


6 thoughts on “River of Stones

  1. That’s a great small stones entry! That’s what’s nice about the written road – it’s not always possible to take a picture, but you can still remember it for later.

    Thanks for subscribing to my blog! I will check yours out more, but not tonight. It’s late and I need to get to bed to be ready for tomorrow.


    • A few years back I was sent to see a person at home who had cancer, pretty advanced if memory serves me. The wife told me that when they arrived home for the hospital the entire backyard was covered with crows, like hundreds! I remember her telling me at the time that crows are a “goodluck” omen in some culture.


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