A Sunday Walk

Two weeks ago after sharing a wonderfully yummy meal with friends we took a walk in a local park. The day was sunny but cold. A nice day to capture with a camera.

Fort Trumbull, New London CT

As the third defensive structure to occupy this New London site, Fort Trumbull’s present stone fortress was built between 1839 and 1852. The first fort was attacked by British forces, led by Benedict Arnold, in 1781, ultimately causing the defenders to evacuate as New London was burned.

After serving as the site for Civil War training, the first Coast Guard academy, and a Cold War military research institute, the fort was transferred to the state of Connecticut and opened as its newest state park in 2000.


The entire area is steeped in national history dating back to the revolutionary war times. Within a few miles of this fort is the Groton Submarine Base, Electric Boat, The Coast Guard Academy and Fort Griswold(across the river in Groton).

Church Steeples

The view above is reaching into the city of New London. I really like the two church steeples against the blue sky. It is my favorite from the day.


Here I think the branch in the forefront gives great contrast to the backdrop of the river and city beyond.

Below look at the beautiful sky. The buildings in the foreground are quite old.


The four photos below are looking across the river in a sequence.

Electic BoatIMG_2998





It wasn’t warm enough to stay there long. The day was pretty though.



2 thoughts on “A Sunday Walk

  1. This post feels a bit personal for me. As I was doing ancestry research on my family–the Frost side–I found that Captain William Frost was a Loyalist involved in some of the burning and attacks on the Patriot forces. New London rings a bell…although I can’t quite recall how its history fits into our own. Thank you for sharing the images….and bringing some familiarity into my family’s heritage. xo


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