Favorite Pastime

  What is a pastime?

Something that amuses or makes time pass agreeably, according to Merriam-Webster. Baseball and books. I choose books.

 I love to read. I remember going with my dad to huge book fairs where the rooms would be filled with books for browsing when I was young. We would also make weekly trips to the library.

During the summer we would join the reading challenge culminating in a party at the end for all that met the requirement. *sigh, I always attended.


Recently I came across this quote…

Reading is a means of thinking with another person’s mind; it forces you to stretch your own.
~ Charles Scribner, Jr.

ink and quill

Doesn’t it say it all? Reading allows us into another person’s mind. It forces us to confront bias we may not have even known existed for us. Stretching us to grow in new ways by expanding our worlds.

Do you know who said, “so many books, so little time”? You probably won’t believe it if you don’t know. Leave your guess in the comment space, I will provide the answer in a couple of days.

Love Books

Last year after several years of deliberating I asked my beautiful children to purchase me a Kindle for Mother’s Day. I is honestly the first time I can ever remember asking for a gift. I was nervous about the Kindle. Being such a book lover would I still get the same feeling~lets admit it this is emotional~ reading an electronic book? kindle

I took it with me when I traveled to Haiti in June. First let me say there was not the usual additional suitcase of books to carry(my husband was happy already). Next it was so easy to fan myself in the sweltering heat and hold the Kindle! Loving it… My little book light clipped right on to the top of the case…even better. Finished reading the first book in the airport on the way back to the states and could download the next one I wanted to read on the spot! Oh,yeah…convinced!

I still do read paper books. Not everything is available in electronic format(yet). I also subscribe to and read several magazines. Among my favorites are Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, and a wide assortment of cooking magazines. I am also once again listening to audiobooks on my two hour commute. I really enjoy this because I get books I would not necessarily read.

 Last year alone my reading adventures took me to India in Sisters of the Sari, Turkey in Gardens of Water, World War II stricken Germany in Those Who Saved Us. I spent time in early twentieth century Russia when I read Winter Garden. I also traveled the US in Hearts of Horses and Summer Secrets. I am sure there are others but I cannot recall them all. Which is why this year I will be using Goodreads.


is a site that I stumbled across sometime last year. It is a book site that can track you reading, reviews, Join book groups or start your own and has soon to be published books available for free(if you are selected). I was just awarded my first-I’ll let you know how I like it.

You can see what I am reading, read my recommendations and reviews and/or join yourself.

I have joined the reading challenge.logoAnd look forward to blogging my progress and furthering my travels.

Thanks for reading…