A Quick Inventory

What’s new?                                 february

Turned a page on the calendar to reveal a new month. February has taken the stage. A quick inventory of my goals, projects, ideas, drumroll please…looks as though January was a successful month(these are not listed in order of importance).

I managed to get the home office cleaned out of unnecessary 2011 papers AND maintain the organization for a month.

Several new recipes have been created in the kitchen, all with accolades from the partakers. I have started to create a menu and shopping list in anticipation of the upcoming week.

Spent many hours in quiet reflection seeking direction and wisdom for the year. This has given me inspiration for a new personal ministry which I will be pursuing over the next 11 months.

My husband’s new business has launched successfully AND he is now taking a paycheck…woot woot!

I volunteered at my first Tiara Tuesday event for the organization Dress for Success.

Read 3 books toward my annual goal of 20.

Ok those are the highlights, pretty good I think.

What’s new for this month?

Well today I trialed a commuter van. My daily commute is 47 miles each way which takes me no less than an hour door to door. I drive a Prius so I feel I do my part to conserve but the drive is very tiring. There have been some real parking challenges where I work creating a major push for creative commuting. Easy Street is the non-profit van service for commuters. So this morning I drove to a local commuter lot, parked my car and got into a van with a bunch of strangers and headed off to the Insurance City for work. I will admit I was a little nervous. But this soon faded. I sat in comfort and read a book as I was driven to and from work. This is great. I am sold. I just gained 2 hours a day! EASYSTREET_VAN_1

Tomorrow I will begin a class that has interested me for some months now. One of my budding areas of interest discovered on my journey to authenticity is photography. I hope to invest in my own camera in a few month with the money I am saving now that my husband is collecting a paycheck again. Healing though Photography using a book called God Is at Eye Level will help me explore my world behind the lens and require continued stretching outside my comfort zone. God is at eye level

I hope to post some of my assignments as I progress.

I know of a few other stretching exercises I will undergo in the next few weeks but the hour is getting late and my eyes are tired. So until next time…

Discomfort Zone (NoCZ-2012)


3 thoughts on “A Quick Inventory

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the goals update! I did mine a little early due to a blog topic that couldn’t wait until the end of January 🙂

    I really made Marge Katherine’s day when I posted on A Daily Life about her no comfort zone challenge – oh was she thrilled! Thanks so much for the link on your blog.



    I can’t tell what your ministry goals are, but this little book might help clarify your thoughts on it even if they don’t involve writing. It’s worth the 99 cents:


    I hope this doesn’t go to spam!


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