New York in December




My husband and I celebrated my birthday in December with a trip to NYC. He had never been to the city during the Christmas season and I believed it was high time. I found an inexpensive hotel on that was in the Jersey side of the river which was not only convenient to the PASS train but lovely as well. So we drove to the city on a Friday after rush hour for a couple of days of fun in the city.


I was captivated by the views from my hotel window. I could see Lady Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.


After grabbing a tasty lunch at the hotel bar we took a nap so that we could be refreshed for the adventurous evening.

We hopped the PASS train and rode over the lower Manhattan. We like to play pool and I had found a place on a website that looked as though it would be a fun place to spend a couple of hours. The place is called Fat Cat. It is a jazz bar in a huge basement that is strewn with pool, ping pong, and shuffleboard tables as well as chess, checkers and some other games I was unfamiliar with. There was a live 3 piece jazz band playing and people all over playing games and having fun.

The photo below is the escalator taking you down to the PASS train. It was very steep, not my favorite part of the trip.IMG_2859

After playing a couple of games of pool on very big tables and losing badly to my husband we hit the street to find somewhere for dinner. Now I am a true foodie and NY is full of fabulous places to eat. We settled on an authentic Mexican place. Food was great and the margarita’s got better after my husband mentioned it wasn’t as strong as he hoped.


Saturday morning we headed over to the site of the World Trade Center. The photo’s below are of the new towers being erected. We also spent quite a bit of time in St. Paul Chapel. It was so moving to read the plaques and see the pictures of those that risked and volunteered their lives during the months that followed the tragedy. Take a few minutes to explore the link and if you get to NYC go to see for yourself. I was moved to tears for the entire visit.


Part Two to follow…


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