Fondue with the Foodies


Last night was our bimonthly foodiefest. Our selected theme was Fondue. I personally had never eaten let alone prepared fondue and according to my friends seemed a bit nervous during the creation of my portion of the menu.

The word Fondue is derived from the french word “fondre” which means “melt”. Our menu for the evening~

     ~ Cheese fondue with crusty French bread dippers

     ~ Beef cooked in oil with dippers of Peanut, Mustard or Red Sauce

     ~Chocolate fondue and Raspberry fondue with Angel food cake, fresh strawberries & peaches for dipping

All consumed with a variety of wines.

Fondue Anyone

The preparation began with the sauces for the meats.

Most Yummy

A little wine helps to thin the sauce


 My contribution to the meal with the cheese fondue. I went with a traditional recipe of natural Swiss and Gruyere. I shopped that same day for the freshest ingredients. Note to self: keep cheeses away from the energetic pet dog who enjoyed biting into it. Thankfully she was discovered before too much damage was done!

The recipe instructions say to heat the wine until the surface is covered with bubbles. This was fun to watch…

Look at those tiny bubbles

 It is so nice to get together with friends and cook, eat and drink. I really can’t think of a better way to spend the evening.

The table is set, the guys are here and the prep is done. Time to eat.

The communal meal of eating Fondue apparently has some regulations although I am not to sure that we followed them. Essentially it follows the concept of “double dipping”. You are not suppose to get your piercing fork contaminated.

Cheese Fondue starts us off

If your like me you have no idea that the meat comes to the table raw and gets cooked in oil at the table. You then use your choice of dips to accompany the meat.

This is Doug

Beef cooked to order
After we have dined sufficiently on the appetizer and the main course we are ready to indulge in the simple pleasures of dessert. Back to the stove to prepare the chocolate and the raspberry fondues.

Stirring and straining

   It looks as though the cooking here is serious business.


Special Ingredients make the chocolate especially nice

As you can see it is really light and fun.
Back at the table we are enjoying good conversation and opening the dessert selections of wine.

Ooh la la chocolate wineSo good!


Sharing the love and laughter  with one another is so special.


Brut Rose

I am especially fond of the sparkling wines…

Do a little dance...

Picture Perfect


Go Doug!

 My husband Steven definitely enjoy the food and the fellowship.

Plenty of laughter

 A good time was had by all. Next month we will be at my house. The theme is yet to be decided.
Thanks for reading along…

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