Book Review- Icebound by Jerry Nielsen

I finished this audio book on this mornings commute. The book was read by the author, Dr. Jerry Nielsen, and I suspect she is a far better doctor than narrator. The story would have been even better had I read the book.

I was completely enthralled with the story of the emergency department physician leaving her comfortable life in the US to serve for one year in Antartica. Jerri gives plenty of facts about how living happens “on the ice” which I found fascinating. Most impressive however was her experience of “being truly alive”. She describes her life there as being taken to the edge of herself and experiencing life for the first time.

The unfortunate development of breast cancer and the challenges of treating it in this remote location should be an encouragement to all. Some of the medical descriptive is quite technical which for me is not a problem having worked in both an emergency department and as an oncology nurse caring for breast cancer patients but others may find it too advanced.

Overall I think this story is one of adventure, community and hope. A absolute must read.

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