Join us at the Hibachi Grill

Last Saturday night a group of friends planned an evening out. The venue was to be a local hibachi grill style restaurant, Koto’s, located in Groton Ct.  Many of the friends had never before experienced this style of cooking which in my opinion is a truly enjoyable and entertaining way to spend a few hours.

The party was large enough, nine in all, to fill an entire grill. Authors note: if you go with just one other you will wait until the grill is full before being served which can be an annoyance. Our server Ryan came right over to explain the ordering process to the Newbies and take our drink orders. Japanese wine was in order. As we enjoyed the beverages and conversation we could observe the fun being made at the other grills.


The grill is about six feet long and emits A LOT of heat. I was very thankful that I wore a short sleeve shirt under my sweater so I could shed a layer. My friend Joann, who you have met in some of my other posts, taught me how to use chopsticks. Apparently growing up she had a Japanese exchange student live with her family for a year. I was very pleased with my mastery of this fine motor skill, as you can see pictured below.



Our chef arrived and the food prep began.


The first thing to be done is to cook the eggs. IMG_0284


The rice comes next. After it is cooked the chef forms a heart on honor of the soon to be celebrated Valentine’s Day.


Loads of Veggies are stir fried. Look at the beautiful colors. At about this point the chef makes the first swing around the table squirting the Sake into everyone’s mouth. Unfortunately I was laughing too hard to capture any usable photo’s of this fine event. I can say that some have really big mouths!

Loads of Veggies

There was tender beef and fresh scallops, lobster and shrimp to accompany the rice, veggies and noodles.



Before the chef would leave he would toss a piece of uncooked vegetable to each person seated who would try to catch it in their mouth. The photo below is my friend Fran’s attempt. This catch(or not) would be immediately followed by a fresh round of Sake.


With the meal prepared our chef bid us goodnight. We dined and laughed for another hour. The hibachi grill experience is wonderful whether with a group of friends or seated with a group of strangers. Everyone has a great time. Highly recommend it to everyone. Worth mentioning, I forgot my camera at home so these shots were taken on my IPhone:)




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