Looking back helps to keep forward moving…


Well as this weeks draws to a close a new month arrived on the calendar. Yesterday’s post took on a life form I did not expect and am hopeful that a few of you will create posts throughout the month celebrating women in history. My plan is to write at least one a week with an eye toward highlighting different areas of excellence each week.

Today my plan is to complete a quick review of the past months accomplishments, some of which were planned some came as a surprise. And align with this months objectives.

~ I began riding the Easy Street van. This is a major blessing in my life as it has allowed me to regain 2 hours a day while someone else does the driving. Not to mention I am doing my part to decrease the carbon footprint.


~ You would think with the extra time I would have accomplished more toward my reading goal. I have only completed one book this month. I have been reading some of the magazines I subscribe to on the van. I also use it to read and comment on many of the blogs I follow.

~ We had a wonderful Foodie Night and I learned how to make Fondue. We also experienced several new and some old favorite places to eat. My personal favorite would be the Golden Chopstick in Westerly RI where I had Dim Sum for the first time. Wonderful!


~I managed to keep my home office organized. Kudos to me for this accomplishment…so easy to let this fall off.

~I tried several new methods of organizing at work. This is a constant evolution as the role is new and there is NOT a software program to help track the many patients that I am working with on an ongoing basis. This really causes me to be creative, flexible and constantly trying new things.

~ I have begun planning for a new ministry that I mentioned last month. I want to start a support group for women who have undergone cancer treatment. More to come on this.

~ I have begun to actively build my Twitter account. This helps with the goal above.


~ I bought a new Canon DSLR camera and have begun to experiment with it. My photography class is requiring stretching and growth to complete the assignments. God is at eye level








~ I have written almost 60 posts since the creation of Authentic Me and have almost reached 3000 hits. Thanks to all my readers. I am considering a second blog that will focus primarily on issues pertaining to health. Stay tuned.

~ I continue to volunteer for Dress For Success. In February we hosted our Tiara Tuesday event at this place called the Russian Lady in downtown Hartford. Great spot with old, eclectic furnishings. Went back last night with friends. I completed the coaches training. Now I can be matched up with underserved women who are trying to enter into the workplace and help them achieve their goals. Very excited.

~ I guess finally I will mention that I applied and was accepted to spend a week this July at Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall camp. I will be volunteering for a week when kids with sickle cell disease are there.

hole in the wall

Well that is all I have to say at the moment. The movie is cued up and my wonderful husband is waiting. As always thanks for reading.

Have a wonderful week. Happy blogging.