Flying Solo


Every time I see those little cookie vases I smile. It is the simple things in life that are so significant.

Well hard to believe that it is already the middle of March. Happy St. Patty’s Day to all my Irish readers. I am about 50% Irish myself, guess that is why I enjoy beer so muchSmilest-patricks-day

My husband, Steven returns late tomorrow. He doesn’t travel without me so being home alone is unusual although I must confess not unpleasant. It is nice not to have the responsibilities that come along with being a wife for a little while. Not that he is demanding or anything but its nice not to have to be responsible to anyone else for a bit, well except the animals.

Steven and I have been married 7 years this June. Second time around for each of us. As I think back to when we were first married and how I would have felt and acted with his week long absence as compared to today I am very aware of how much I have grown and matured. It is amazing how REAL love makes you feel secure. This security is mostly because I have grown in the Lord these past years AND I am married to a truly wonderful man.

I have made great use of my time alone this week. I am so pleased with the fact that I committed and followed through with early morning rising and journaling every day! Wow, good for me! I have kept a journal for years but never with great consistency. I am still using the same one I wrote in 3 years ago, does that tell you something? Well I was inspired by Cee and Chris who are working through the Artist’s Way and have been journaling 3 pages everyday. I am really impressed with what my journaling has produced over the week and I intend to keep it up.

I have also been really blessed to spend time with each of my daughters, my mom and tomorrow my sister. Last night after work I met my oldest, Emily, at this fabulous place I found on Yelp.IMG_2894 I use Yelp often when I am looking to explore a new area for great eateries. We ordered salads, entrees and even splurged on dessert. Every bite was excellent and I enjoyed left overs today. I will be returning again soon and often.


I also recommitted myself to Weight Watchers. I am a lifetime member…that means I made my weight loss goal(last March) and no longer pay.  I continued to attend weekly meetings for several months after achieving my weight loss goal but then my life changed and I stopped attending. Well guess what happened? Yep, over the past several months I gained some weight. Not terrible just about 10 pounds or so but I know what can happen and I refuse to do this again. So I cracked out the little WW calculator and began counting points. I have lost about 5 pounds. I plan to lose the rest and then get back to meetings. For me the weekly weigh in keeps me honest and I need that. Next thing is for me to get back on track with some regular exercise. I sure hope I will be writing a post about conquering this hurdle next month!

Well for tonight I think I will go plug into a movie. I borrowed a few from the library and have not watched a one.

Thanks for reading.



11 thoughts on “Flying Solo

  1. I understand the feeling about enjoying the time alone–I am enjoying my time without the husband home, he is only going to be gone for 4 days.

    This is a perfect time for you to enjoy your daughters and mother–no running home to make a meal.

    Second time around for me and my husband too, and if I can stay awake, I’m going to watch Lonesome Dove for the second time around.


  2. I love it when I get time home alone too. Congratulations on keeping up with the weight loss – good for you. Journals are great. I think part of why my blogging has gone so well is all my years of consistent journaling.


    • Well then I am encouraged as I always enjoy your writing style. Just this morning I wrote how I am often surprised by what words find themselves on the pages of my journal. I plan to keep up with my progress when my hubby returns, although I may need to relocate to another room of the house so not to disturb him at that early hour.


  3. There’s something rewarding about being with ourselves and choosing only what is right for us. I understand completely how it felt to not be ‘wife’ for a bit of time, although of course you still were. But to have the freedom to spend your time however you wish. And doesn’t it make us love on another all the more when we are loving ourselves too? ; ) xo


  4. I’m currently on two weeks of vacation and I have the house all to myself. No roomie…no dogs…nobody, but me and God! It is AWESOME! I’m glad that you’ve had this time to yourself.

    I’ll be praying that God will continue to make time for your writing 🙂

    Congratulations on the weight loss. I know how hard it is to lose weight…you are a great inspiration 🙂 If you want you can check out my weightloss story on my blog under “Alphabet Posts” – it is the one entitled “The “F” Word”…don’t worry it’s not what most people think 🙂

    Thank you for your post!


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