Spring Sharing

What did you see today that revealed the change of season? Please share…


Today marked the first full day of Spring in the northern hemisphere and the first day of fall for all my readers on the other side of the equator.

I saw a sight as I was walking to the hospital that made me stop and pause for a few moments.

There are nice planting on the hospital campus that often attract pretty birds and small animals. As I was approaching the building I noticed a squirrel rolling around in the wood chips much like a dog would roll around. I stopped to watch him. He was rolling and jumping, playing with the small, pliable branches on the tree. Our weather was unusually warm for mid March and it appeared that the little fellow was feeling the need to let loose  for a time. It was so fun to watch.

Did you see or do something that revealed to you that a new season is upon us? Do tell.


37 thoughts on “Spring Sharing

    • I have heard that it has been warm out there. My mom inlaw is in Missouri, she was running the AC last weekend. It has been unseasonally warm here in CT as well bringing flowers earlier than usual. Thanks for the comment.


  1. Hi there!

    I stumbled across your blog today and took a read around. Great to hear that you are unearthing your authentic self and sharing it with the world!

    As for the first day of spring, while walking the dog, I observed crocuses blooming in many gardens, a plethora of birds singing in the trees, some boys playing ball hockey in the middle of the street and some girls creating chalk art on the sidewalk. It was so nice to see all this life blooming again.

    Cheers to a new beginnings and growth with the start of spring!


  2. we’re in the south – cape town. weather is still warm, lots of outside markets, concerts etc, but for a while now, I’ve noticed the swallows gathering on the telephone lines at the end of the street. I’m a sun-lover, so not looking forward to the cold. I do enjoy a brisk walk on the beach in blustery winter weather though, and the whales come in August, so there is always something to look forward to.:)


  3. We were delivering meals to the elderly and shut-ins today and one woman had a tulip tree that was seconds away from bursting into bloom! I love those trees!


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  5. I spent an hour in the afternoon on my knees pulling weeds out of a row of creeping phlox. Soft, cool dirt, worms, “dueling robins”, bird song, warm breezes, kids playing happily outside, and I worked up a sweat! This weekend, I’ll be raking leaves from around bushes, trimming back mums, tidying up my flower bed, perhaps transplanting a few items, and enjoying the sun and the warmth. Praise God for all He has created. Enjoy your weekend!


  6. There are mushrooms and toadstools around here so autumn is here.
    Daylight saving finishes this weekend so that really heralds the cooler months ahead. Enjoy the vitality of spring:-)


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    • You reminded me that I saw a beautiful butterfly the other day. I was surprised because it seemed very early AND it is not the sort that I typically see in my neck of hte woods.


  8. Using my smart phone – which turns out not to be so smart after all – I am unable to sign in as ‘pix & kardz’ or anything other than kardz by kris, a moniker seldom used otherwise. So you may need to approve this comment 🙂
    That is just a long wind-up to saying that I really enjoyed your photos. Beautiful compositions. Thanks for sharing.


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