Fear vs. Hope…I know what I want to win!


do something

What meaning does this quote have for you?

To me it speaks of taking risks, daily. I often will say, things don’t change if they don’t change. How is it that we can do the same thing and think that we will get a different result? The risk or “scary” thing will be different for each one of us depending where we are in life and the discovery of our unique authentic self.

I read a post yesterday over at Stopping the Wind that inspired me. While the writing was not her usual style she took a risk and spoke out on a topic that made her anger flare. In her post she calls for a National Day of Change, great idea! We must get to a place where our fear is overrun by our hope. This however is likely to be uncomfortable and probably scary. What is it that you feel called to change? Are you courageous enough to stand up and speak out? Will you take the challenge to do something everyday that scares you?

In my recent reading of a professional blog called Nursetopia I discovered this short but powerful video. I believe if we all took risks daily the world would be a different place.


6 thoughts on “Fear vs. Hope…I know what I want to win!

  1. Cool video and great text. I’ve always loved that quote by Eleanor R..

    It’s uncomfortable….but I know I need to push myself out of my comfort zone in order to learn. Good post.


    • Thanks Judy. I had not heard the quote before but felt it worked beautifully for the theme. It does require effort and intention to move ourself to the next level shall we say but so worth the time. Thanks so much for stopping by with a comment.


  2. Each of us may have a different concept of risk. To some it may be crossing the road; to others it may be going on a trip by yourself. Whatever our personal risk may be, we can only grow from taking that leap of faith in the unknown.


    • Right. I have with God’s gentle guidance finally grasped the idea that what is right and next for me is not so for the other person. Regardless of the risk faith is required.
      Thanks so much for the remark.


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