March Inventory


In my part of the world we did not experience Mother Nature as described in this poem. Quite the contrary in fact. We enjoyed some record high March temperatures and the early arrival of many Spring flowers. Unfortunately we had a hard frost this week and the early to arrive magnolia blooms have suffered. It has been fun to hear from so many who have shared their visions on my Spring Sharing post, if you haven’t added your two cents please stop over.

I like to take time each month to summarize where I am toward my goals. I have found this helps to keep me accountable. What I have discovered this month is in writing my goals down I have begun to stretch a bit more. It’s really exciting. To that point I have joined both the walking challenge and the stair climbing challenge over on Stopping the Wind. This has helped me to re-engage with my fitness goal. I have committed to increasing my weekly steps and stairs in April. I invite you to cheer me on. To see my and all other bloggers progress visit the links above.

10000 steps

I have tried a couple of new things on my blog this month that engaged my readers actively. I invite you to visit my Celebrating Women’s History page for a complete index of some great posts about inspiring women.  I have really enjoyed these interactions and intend to make them regular highlights on my blog. Stay tuned for more…I hope that you will considering writing a guest post(theme to be announced) as well as post a comment to whatever question is posed. This is a great way to share your thoughts and opinions with the world and experience new bloggers. My other blogging accomplishment this month was to reach 500 likes on the Authentic Me. Thanks to all who visit and click the like button.


Over the month I have discovered many new to me blogs. I find new blogs in a few ways. One is to follow through a comment on another blog, I either like something they have to say OR I simply like the name of the blog. I have also used the WP tags a couple of times. Beware this can really suck you if you’re not careful. It is my hope to begin a regular post of interesting blogs I read. Once I figure out how to best flag a post I will move forward. I have also found many new blogs through my use of Twitter. One of my goals in March has been to build my Twitter account. My efforts have brought me almost 300 new followers. I have been very intentional in building my account and have already learned so many things from those that I follow.twitter

I have not been as active with my new camera as I would have thought but my outings have brought some nice snaps. I have registered for a digital photography course hosted in May by the Appalachian Mountain Club. It is in the beautiful Delaware Water Gap area so I expect plenty of glorious opportunities to snap great pictures. Adding to the pleasure is my husband and two dear friends.

I have continued to maintain an organized home office. I am very pleased with this new habit(3 months now so I can call it a habit). It has helped to keep us on track with our personal financial goals and it looks neat all the time. I appreciate both of these outcomes.

I have not reached my reading goal for the month of March. At least not of the books I am reading/listening to. I certainly spent a lot of time reading blogs and articles for work. I will need to re-evaluate my time budget and determine if I need to adjust. I do know that it is easy to get absorbed in the WWW if not careful. I try to set time limits so that I don’t become consumed.

To my great pleasure I continue to write daily in my personal journal. I have found great encouragement in connecting with my pen and paper each morning. I have even moved the alarm up by 30 minutes to the scary 4:30am time so that I can have more time in prayer and journaling. My Heavenly Father has been faithful to meet me each day I sacrifice myself to get up to be with him.

All in all it has been a wonderful month. I have learned and grown each day…thanks to all of you who share the journey with me. I am excited to discover what He has for me in April.



From the Eyes of a Six Year Old



Today’s post is from another guest blogger who I met fairly recently as I reached out in my through my blogging. Please welcome Judy from JayJaysFavorites. I hope that you will click on the link and explore her blog. She is a talented photographer and posts some beautiful photo’s. My personal comments are found at the end of the post. I invite you to join in the discussion.


The book: “The Story of Ruby Bridges”

  Ruby Bridges was born in Mississippi in 1954, the same year the US made the decision ordering the integration of public schools.

       In 1959, she attended an all-black kindergarten in New Orleans.  In 1960, when Ruby was six, the New Orleans’ public schools were forced to integrate black children into white schools. Ruby took a test and found she was assigned to all-white William Frantz Public School for first grade. Ruby’s mother was for it, but her father was against her going to an all-white elementary school.  Her father felt they were asking for trouble; he thought things would never change and blacks and whites would never be treated as equals.  Her mother convinced her father that, despite the possible risks, they had to send Ruby to William Frantz P.S., not just for their children, but for all black children.

    On November 14, 1960, Ruby and her mother walked into William Frantz school, surrounded by Federal Marshals for protection. Out of six black children assigned to white schools, Ruby would be going to William Frantz alone.

    People shouted, yelled and shook their fists at Ruby and her mother as they walked into school. They carried signs that said: “Keep this school white”.  When Ruby and her mother sat in the principal’s office, Ruby could see them through the window, pointing at her, screaming and pulling their children out of the school.  In all the furor that day, Ruby never got to her classroom. 

The second day, a lovely young white woman met her at the door.  It was Mrs. Henry, her teacher.  They sat side by side working together on lessons every day.  No other children attended William Frantz then, but the line-up of noisy, rude protesters remained almost until the very end of the school year.

    Ruby prayed on her way to school: “Please be with me God, and be with these people too. Forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.” 

   Ruby Loved Mrs. Henry, because she made learning fun.  The people outside screaming at her were white.  Mrs. Henry was white, but she was so different from them.  She was one of the most loving people Ruby had known.  Ruby said the greatest lesson she learned that year with Mrs. Henry was the lesson Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught everyone: “Never judge people by the color of their skin.  God makes each of us unique in ways that go much deeper.”

Ruby finished first grade.  When second grade started, the school was filled with children again.  Ruby was surprised to see a few black children in her second grade class.  The years went by.  Ruby graduated from an integrated high school, then became a travel agent, after studying travel and tourism in business school. She became married and has four children.        

When her youngest brother died in 1993, Ruby helped take care of his daughters, who went to William Frantz Public School. She started volunteering there three days a week, working as a liaison between parents and the school.  When the book “The Story of Ruby Bridges” came out, she was reunited with Mrs. Henry.  Ruby gives speeches on racism and education across the country, and Mrs. Henry often accompanies her.  Ruby says, “School can be a place to bring people together~kids of all races and backgrounds.”


Ruby Bridges was a brave and delightful young child, who was wise beyond her years. Ruby walked through horrific chanting and name-calling to get the education she deserved. No child should have to do that. But Ruby is a survivor, a peacemaker and a child who brought other children back to learn together. Today we celebrate the life of Ruby Bridges, and the accomplishments she achieved for education for ALL children.

Over this past month I have read many great stories about women who have helped to shape both our personal and world’s history. The journey has been informative and enlightening. One thing that all of these amazing women have in common is a courageous spirit. I am sure that for some they were shaking on the inside as they stepped out of what the “norm” was to help transform our world. I for one applaud and thank each of them for their willingness and desire to see things differently. I also want to thank each one of you that wrote a guest post for the occasion.

Please visit my Celebrating Women’s History page for a complete list of bloggers and posts that were honored in March.

I welcome and invite your comments, after-all that is what makes the blogging world so fun.