April is Autism Awareness Month



Last month The Authentic Me celebrated Women’s History Month by inviting guest bloggers to write a post about a woman that inspired. I enjoyed the format of guest bloggers very much and hope to continue to incorporate it into my regular blog. As I readied myself for the turn of the calendar I discovered April is designated Autism Awareness Month and set my sights on asking 2 people I know who have been affected by autism if they would consider writing for this purpose. Both have agreed, happily I might add.

I will be sharing their stories with you soon. I am sure that you will be as informed and impacted with what they share as I have been.

If you have a personal story to tell about how autism has affected you I would be honored to have you as my guest. Leave me a note in the comment section and I will be in touch.


3 thoughts on “April is Autism Awareness Month

  1. Having worked with Special Ed Children for 30 years…I bacame aware of children with Autism…We had many…All different in degrees…but, all quite unique and “special” in their own right…What joy I found in being involved in their lives for at least a couple of years…~mkg


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