WordPress Troubles

Hi Blogger Friends~
All week I have not been able to view Freshly Pressed or any other tabs from the WP main page. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


6 thoughts on “WordPress Troubles

  1. Like you Paige I could not “find” the blogs I follow or Freshly pressed or bring up any of the topics offered. Then in a random occurrence I scrolled down from the blank space and lo and behold they all unfolded. I had just thought it was my ageing laptop not coping with all the digital images…..
    Good luck but as you say all manner of things can happen on WP and other free blogging sites.


    • Hmm.. I just tried that and no luck:( Well I guess I will just wait for it to fix itself. I can read from my iPhone and from “blogs I follow”. Thanks so much for checking in.


    • Ahh…I too have had this problem. I use Windows Live Photo Gallery to write my posts and publish directly from there. I prefer this as not so temporamental(is that how its spelled?)


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