Consider the Earth

Our Earth

The Earth is ours to enjoy
For every little girl and boy.
But we must always be aware.
That all its beauty we must share
With all the children yet to come,
Who want to laugh and play and run
Around the trees and in the fields.
So we must keep our planet free
From messy trash and debris
With air that’s clean and fresh and clear
For all to breathe from year to year.
We must never ever abuse
Our sweet Earth that’s ours to use.


 The poem was part of a collection written for school teacher to use as part of an earth day celebration, no author was notated.

I have made several commitments this year to help conserve our resources. Here is a glimpse of my list:

hang laundry outside to dry

plant a small vegetable garden

continue to ride the commuter van

turn the faucet off

discover new ways to recycle(ideas I will share along the way)

buy organic

carry trash bags when I hike to clean up along the path


What are your ideas to recycle, reduce and/or reuse? Please share below…we may learn new ideas.

Earth day


10 thoughts on “Consider the Earth

  1. Probably the one thing I do the most often, is to wash and rinse out zip lock baggies that I’ve used to freeze veggies in. They are strong and last a long time. I just use a drop of dish detergent, rinse and hang them on the clothes line to drip dry. I use my clothes line whenever possible–just love it. We have had a vegetable garden for years, and just with a small area, we grow more than we can eat. We share with the local senior assisted living center, neighbors, relatives, and I freeze most of the rest. It’s really amazing how much produce you can get out of a small garden.


  2. Keep lights turned off …only when needed
    Run dishwasher only when completely full
    Don’t run water when brushing teeth…
    Use smaller amounts of everything!
    Picking up trash where kids cut through our back wooded area (hopeing they get the hint!)
    Give useful items to Charity Donation drop-offs…
    Just a few …but, all helps!


    • Oh yes, donating to charity centers…good one! Maybe as you clean your dining table you will discover no longer needed items that could be re-used. Thanks for adding that one to the list.


  3. Thanks for linking to my article. I like your idea of carrying a trash bag when hiking. This might be a good idea for me even when taking my kids to the park! I have been wanting to compost, but since we don’t garden much, we haven’t started this yet. I love finding new ways to recycle, too. I hope you will check out more posts on my site. I do a lot of posts on the environment as well as saving money and keeping kosher. Thanks again!


  4. Wonderful tips, Paige.

    My ideas:

    Reuse bread bags
    Launder always in cold water
    Save bottles for recycling and bring them to center (bonus: get deposit back for extra spending money)
    Use those florescent bulbs in every light fixture possible
    Keep heat down in cold months as low as tolerable and wear extra layers
    After baking in the oven in cold months, leave oven door open to provide more heat that is already paid for
    Use fans rather than AC as much as possible in hot months
    Unplug all appliances large or small when you are not using them
    Don’t use paper plates, cups, or plastic disposable serveware
    Make sure windows are double paned and insulation is up to code

    The above tips on energy usage have save me lots of money in my utility bills.



    • You have some great ideas Jan. We turn down the thermostat and heat individual rooms with electric heaters this has saved us a bundle in oil costs. And unplugging electric items is so helpful…we really get wacked in charges for leaving cell phone chargers plugged in.
      I forgot to add to my list that I will be dropping the plastic produce bags for reuable canvas when I shop.


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