Panty Hose takes New Life Form

Earth day2

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~ Native American Proverb

Last week I went on a quest to discover a comfortable pair of panty hose. I am of the opinion that it was a man who disliked women that created the things. It is my preference to avoid wearing hose at all costs however last year the hospital adopted a new dress code. Among other particulars we cannot wear capris’, open toe shoes and must wear panty hose if in a skirt or dress. Believe me I would completely ignore this new code if I felt I could get away with it, the hose portion anyway. I need to be in compliance though so last week I set out to find a pair of hose that I wouldn’t need to peel off midway through the day.

Research on the subject revealed that the higher the lycra content the more comfortable the hose would be to wear. I scoured the internet, read reviews, compared cost and made a decision. All my research pointed me toward No Nonsense Almost Bare as the top dog. Many of my co-workers laughed at my on line purchase…why not just buy them in the Walgreens up the street? 2 reasons. There is nothing more frustrating than NOT finding the brand I want at the store(something that occurs in the specific world of hose all too often). Second, if there is no cost for shipping why should I be the one running around? Let them come right to the door.

What does all of this have to do with celebrating Earth Day you ask. When I went on the No Nonsense webpage I learned that the company has a recycling program for your worn out hose. It seems as though the panty hose has progressed beyond the garden tie on the tomato plants. You may be sitting on a park bench created from recycle hose! Cool huh? Check it out…most of us have them, now we can send them back, free of charge and create a new piece of beauty. I like it!

I wore a skirt the other day and pulled on a pair of the hose. I wouldn’t go so far to say that these hose are comfortable but I don’t think I would say that EVER about hose. I did find them to be wearable for the entire day so a winner in my opinion.

What creative way have you heard about to recycle a frequently used item into another item? Please do share so that we all can learn. It our planet, let’s take care of her.

8 thoughts on “Panty Hose takes New Life Form

  1. Oh my gosh! Have not worn hose of any kind in years. I do remember wearing a few that were comfortable though. Glad you found the hose wearable.

    Great idea about recycling the hose. I’ve seen beautiful handbags made from recycled candy wrappers and beautiful shoes made from recycled rubber. All very creative ideas! Great post!


    • Believe me when I say I wish I could be rid of this requirement to my summer attire. I really think it dumb.
      I have enjoyed discovering new items made from recycled as I have set out on my adventure. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Purses made of Caprisun Drink Bags…
    2-liter bottles- bird feeders and wind decorations
    My Mom made pot/pan scrubbies from the mesh bags of oranges and such
    old t-shirts for shining the car
    well, as you see…I could go on and on…Being older…I’ve seen recycling going on for generations…it’s not really a “New” thing!


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