My Favorite Things…

Green and Black Chocolate

Earlier this week I was reading blog posts while riding the Easy Street van on my morning commute. Carol over at Wanderings of an Elusive Mind was participating in a photo scavenger hunt. Well you know how the story goes, one click leads to another and you discover a “new to you” blog in blogosphere. Karen from Karma When I Feel Like it Blog host a monthly photo scavenger hunt. The theme for the month of April is “Favorite Things”. For me this immediately brought to mind Julie Andrews and those beautiful Van Trapp children. As I pondered the topic I often found myself humming the tune.

Many of the “things” I would call favorite are felt with senses other than our eyes. Such as the feeling of the warmth of the sun on my skin or the way the sand at the beach feels under my feet. The smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning or freshly cut grass in the summer. The taste of the cool drink you have been waiting to enjoy or that Italian meat sauce that has been tantalizing your nose for hours. Or my personal favorite…the smell of the freshly bathed little one as she climbs into you lap for a snuggle and a hug.

Since this is a photo challenge I have headed into my surrounding to capture some of my favorite things from  behind the lens. Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Some of my Favorite Spring Blooms…


Purple Iris

Feeding and Watching the Birds in the Backyard is one of my favorite pastimes. It won’t be long now before the baby birds start coming too.

Bird with Seed

Bird on the edgeBlack Capped ChickedeeChickadee with Seed

My favorite chair in my favorite room to spend my morning devotion time. On the chair is my favorite blanket to wrap myself in while read from my bible and write in my journal while filling the room with my favorite scent, Midnight Jasmine and my new favorite CD spills into the room.

Morning Devotions

My favorite mixed breed, Haley.


My favorite colors, red and yellow fill the room and the vase.

Tulips and Daffodils

Share some of your favorite things below with a comment or create your own post and trackback.


23 thoughts on “My Favorite Things…

  1. Oooohhhhh, I have to try this too. I loved your pictures! Haley looks so regal! And the chair with your books and candles is great.

    Can I repost this in full on A Daily Life?



  2. Your favorite things sounded like some of my favorite things–coffee, scented candle, cozy and comfy place to sit and read. And when you said “Italian meat sauce” I could smell the garlic and spices… you made me hungry!


  3. Oh wow — your photos are a knockout. I love lilacs and iris too but neither is blooming here in Nova Scotia yet. Is Haley part Akita ?

    I think it amusing that we both rain with the “Favourite things …” song for out titles …

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn’t the blog-o-sphere marvellous ?


    • The world becomes a smaller more intimate place in blogosphere, don’t you agree.
      Haley is most probably part pit and part boxer. She is really a sweet temperament who would lick you to death if you let her.


  4. I love your favorite things! I’m happy you found your way to my blog, and I can see from this post that I will have to spend some time visiting yours – I believe we share many favorite things – flowers, birds, dogs – yes, yes, yes! And I also love your “unphotographed” things. Thanks very much for participating.


    • Oh thank you. When my husband and I were married seven years ago we blended our families. It was a challenge for me to “lose” all my personal space so it became my mission to carve out a special room that would reflect me. I took the few pieces of furniture I brought with me, some of my pretty personal items and then together we made our first purchase of the chaise and other furniture in the room. The transformation of the once giant storage space my bachelor husband dropped everything into was truly magical. It has seen many hours of quiet time.
      Thanks for stopping in with a comment.


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