Good-bye 2012. Welcome 2013.

I am a destiny seeker. I believe in God Almighty and desire to be part of “His”tory. To that end I set aside time at the beginning of each new calendar year to seek Him, His will and His pleasure. So as the page on the calendar changes to reveal 2013 I find myself wanting to re-look at 2012 and gain perspective on my accomplishments, this brings encouragement. I find it equally important to look at the boxes left unchecked on the list. Why did these things not get done? Do I need to re-list these items in 2013 or do they go in the discard pile like an unwanted nine of spades?

I blogged very consistently from January through May and published a monthly inventory for the sake of accountability. You know the vow… Thou shall not lie to oneself?…that is what a regular publication helps to accomplish, down to earth honesty with yourself and the readers of the world. What follows is a brief trek through the past not quite 12 months as found here at the Authentic Me.

January 2012 found me admitting that I can often falter in the determination portion of reaching my Destiny. And while I cannot say that I have written my last word in this chapter, I do believe I have made serious progress. Reading this again has helped me to regain this valuable perspective.

I look back at February to find that most of my goals stuck all year. February was also marked by a rather successful, in my opinion, Guest Blog month which focused on Celebrating Women’s History, check out the page if you missed any of the entries or just would like to re-read a favorite.

Enter March. Wow, I am impressed with myself. I am writing regularly here at the Authentic Me. My readership is growing and my new found time riding the commuter van has allowed me to read more of YOUR writing. New challenges found me, you can read about them HERE.

In April I wrote my favorite post titled, What’s so Good about Friday”. April also found me honoring planet Earth and making a few new commitments to aid in her conservation. Most impressive I move all these conservation items into the check column of my list and add a few new ones, i.e., putting up a dryer line in the basement and in 2013 we will convert to natural gas as a heating source. I continue to ride the commuter van AND enjoyed a plentiful bounty from a home garden:)

May is where my blogging pretty much halts, I don’t reappear until September with a promise to post again soon but take another four month hiatus. These months have been jam packed with wonderfulness! New grand-babies, trips to Boston and the Southwestern states of Nevada and Arizona, successful completion of 2 courses toward my nearly complete degree, ongoing volunteer work with both Dress for Success and The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp(both worthy and wonderful organizations). I see that I reached(and exceeded) my annual reading goal, checkout my Goodreads page for reviews. I continue to struggle with Yoga–my new and much more strenuous workout than I ever gave credit to–but 2013 I intend to reach new heights!

Questions to Ponder…

So why the stop and go here at Authentic Me? I think that as life became increasingly busy with a new school schedule there was the need to let go of something to make space; blog writing was cut from the bill. I didn’t stop writing entirely though as one of the courses I took required a serious commitment to research and writing on a topic that was God given;Spirituality in Healthcare.

What does the future of the blog look like? Well I have given it a face-lift with a new theme, I kinda like it, what about you? Classes will resume in January as I press on toward the goal of the degree but I really want to keep writing here too, so I will be here at least weekly to share my world either in words or photo’s, perhaps with a book review or a recipe from Foodie Group, maybe even some future guest blogs–Celebrate Women’s History anyone?

I close the year with a few new faces that joined our growing family in 2012.

Nonni and EthanBeautiful LucyEthan JohnIMG_0390Big Sister Piper

See you dear friends in 2013. May your New Year be filled with Blessing and Joy!

~Paige @ the Authentic Me