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Weekly Photo Challenge


2012 Snap by Snap

9 thoughts on “2012 Snap by Snap

  1. So imagine my surprise when I went to post on the Weekly Challenge and there you were, several ahead of me! Obviously I haven’t checked my E-mail yet to see that you posted. The pictures look really good.



  2. thanks for sharing! just thought i would say hello and thank you for your support in the last year – and let you know that i am not a very technical blogger. i made some administrative changes to my blog, and as a result, my crow avatar has disappeared, despite trying to upload it several times. and even worse, i have inadvertently prevented notifications of new blogs being sent out to the followers of pix & kardz 😦 the only way to follow my blog is to unfollow it, and then follow it again.
    but it is really me, despite the funny avatar which has been turning up green whenever i have been leaving a comment.
    thank you for sharing this post. happy new year to you and yours – and may 2013 be full of unexpected blessings! blog on!


  3. Hi there! Thanks very much for stopping by my blog and commenting this morning. I love these year in review photo posts. You have some very happy shots you’ve chosen to share. I wish you a very happy 2013!


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