Beyond, the topic for this weeks photo challenge. Draw the viewer to look beyond. The top photo was taken December 2011 on the Jersey side of the Hudson river. The attraction was the spectacular sunset, capturing Lady Liberty made it a WOW.

Lady Liberty holds her flame high beyond the city limits

Lady Liberty holds her flame high beyond the city limits

This past Saturday marked the 3 anniversary of the massive earthquake that shook Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, to its core. The death toll exceeded 200,000, the destruction beyond imaginable. I traveled to Haiti post quake and then again the following year to work in a hospital caring for the beautiful Haitian people. This photo was taken on the second trip. Our group traveled to the Citadel. Hiked a mountain that seemed quite massive, at an altitude none of us northerners were used to, in heat and humidity that would make anyone’s hair curl. The views from the top were impressive. There is a reason Haiti is known for its Mountains beyond Mountain.

Atop the Citadel

There is a reason the country of Haiti is known for its mountains beyond mountains.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

  1. Great shot! I LOVE your post on The Splendor of Him! God is amazing! I especially like the quote at the bottom of the page says that,, Yesterday is a memory, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift which is why we call it Present! Awesome!


  2. What you do is so noble. I do make the effort to do some volunteering and do of service to others. But really, I want a BIG difference someday just like what you were there for – not medical though :D. Anything, something, someday I will.


    • That is a very kind thing to say. Volunteering truly gives us the opportunity to use our God given talents. Take what you like to do and find an organization that can use your time and talents–that is how we change the world:)


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