First Date

Restaurant scene

We met via an online Christian dating site. After weeks of emails I finally agreed to call him, it was shortly after that we scheduled our first date. It would be truly “blind”, neither had seen a photo of the other…pretty bold, huh? We were meeting at a restaurant about thirty minutes from my home. As planned I arrived a few minutes early. I peaked into the bar and didn’t spy anyone who appeared alone and waiting, so I made my way over to the hostess. There was a reservation in his name. No he hadn’t arrived yet, I was told, shall I show you to your table? We made our way over to a lovely table in the middle of the restaurant. She left 2 beautifully bound leather dinner menus on the table and handed an extensive wine menu to me. Since I had no idea what he liked to drink I placed it alongside the other menu’s on the table.

It was my first time at this restaurant. Since is was a weekend night the tables were beginning to fill with other patron’s. I watched as servers brought some delicious smelling meals to nearby tables. The layout of the place was interesting; several partitions separated a somewhat large room into smaller, more intimate settings. The lighting was not so low that you couldn’t read a menu(I have had that experience) and not so bright that you felt like you were in the school cafeteria. I was still taking in my surroundings when the hostess briefly reappeared and showed a man the table where I was seated. I saw him shake his head “no” and chat with her for a moment before making his way over to me. Pausing by my side he said, “Are you Paige?”. Yes, I am. Are you Steven?

Steven frequently tells the story of how when we met for the first time he told the hostess that I was not who he was meeting. When he glanced at my table he saw 3 menu’s and assumed that it was not the correct table. Luckily she corrected him. We will celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary this June.

The incentive for this post was a writing prompt over at the Daily Post. Writer’s liberty was used personalize the post. Thanks for reading.


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