map of the CDP of North Key Largo, Florida sho...

map of the CDP of North Key Largo, Florida showing boundaries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well I tried to get this post up before I boarded my ship but it wasn’t meant to be. We have returned from our fabulous vacation—we were not on the ship that was disabled for days in the ocean requiring a tow back to port. I will post more photo’s and tales as the weeks progress. In the meantime here is the post I wrote prior to our escape to the sea.

With the crazy weather up north we left CT a day earlier than expected. We decided to rent a car and drive down to Key Largo. Below are a few shots from our first night and then day here. Enjoy. We will be heading off to our ship very shortly.

Coconut in a treeTwo Dogs in a BoatFirst night in FloridaBirds digging in the beach debrisSea Turtle

Key Largo at Sunset

Hello from Sunny Florida

4 thoughts on “Hello from Sunny Florida

  1. Oh wow, great photos. I loved the two dogs in the boat (I really had to look though to see that was a second dog attached to the shiny dog tag) and the picture of you & your sweetie was great. And the sunset finale was a great end to your post.



      • Thanks for the wonderful compliment, but remember not to compare yourself to other bloggers. You do this for fun and enjoyment; your photos tell stories that are equally compelling and in the end, that’s what counts.

        I’ve seen the comments that your readers leave and they love what you share, just as mine do. Readers like photographs but are not overly fussy as to the their technical perfection. You’re showing up and that’s how a blog happens.


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