A Book that Changes You

Every once and awhile I read a book that changes me, I mean changes me at the core of my very being. I am not sure how The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom escaped my reading list all these years but I guess I can accept the simple fact that the time for reading this marvelous book was now.

The Hiding PlaceThe inspirational book shares with its reader’s how God is Always in control, even in circumstances that in our limited human perspective we cannot see or understand what He is doing.

The Ten Boom’s are a Christian family living in Holland when Germany invades the country. Biblical living has been the way of life for the Ten Boom family. Daily the family and employees from the watch repair shop they own, gather around the dining table to read from the bible. Prayer and serving are a way of life before the war, so it is only natural that God would use these talents at a time of great need.

When Corrie and her sister Betsie are put into Ravenbruck for aiding and abetting the Jewish people of Holland their faith story continues to change lives. As I read this book I found myself marveling over God’s protection of His plan and purpose. I reminded on page after page of how He takes care of His people, providing for ALL our needs. The problem of course is US. We think that we simply cannot live without the newest piece of technology, car, clothing, home gadget, etc. But the bible tells us, He knows our needs. (Mat 6:8). Help me Lord to do better here!

The story shows us how the Love and Peace of God can shift atmospheres as evidenced by the changes in the behavior of the women in the sleeping quarters. When the sisters first arrive the room is full of hatred, fighting and meanness. However as the love of God penetrates the women through prayer and daily bible reading palpable changes in how they treat own another are observed. Help my Lord to shift atmosphere’s around me!

When Corrie cannot find the strength within herself to forgive one of her captures who asks for forgiveness, she finds God faithful one more time as His love overpowers her and helps her to forgive the unthinkable. Help me Lord to constantly walk remembering what your forgiveness has done for me and help me to share it with others!

The Hiding Place will go on my top 10 best books of all time. It has changed me forever.

What book have you read that has changed you?

“when we are powerless to do a thing, it is a great joy that we can come and step inside the ability of Jesus”
Corrie ten Boom

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