Last night my favorite guy and I enjoyed a meal out together. alive-copy.jpgFriday night dates have become one of my preferred moments of the week. Spending time, usually alone, with my guy after what is typically a full and busy week is always special. Many times our dinner conversation unfolds the week’s events and how we see God moving through these events.

The conversation at dinner covered a lot of territory. After an hour or more of sharing back and forth I found myself telling my guy that I have realized that I am truly, fully alive for the first time in my life. I feel and touch every aspect of my day along the path. The people that I touch as part of my God given job are a blessing to me and I to them…I am working using all the gifts and talents bestowed upon me to bring Him Glory. Simply put I have found my purpose and it feels so good. And what’s more amazing is that all I really did was follow Jesus-he brought me here. Even more exciting is the fact that I know the journey I am on with Him is ongoing. He has great and marvelous things planned for me. My job is simply to do as He asks and when I do this He shows up and does the rest. I’m not going to say that it is easy because it is not. My struggles are mine just as your struggles are yours. What I am going to tell you is that since embarking on this journey, a purpose driven journey, I have discovered new meaning and significance in every thing that I do, all of which I turn back to God for His Glory. It’s a great joy.

In 2 weeks we will begin to spend our precious Friday nights differently as we host a weekly small group in our home that begins with a shared meal and ends with discussion and fellowship focused on Rick Warren’s best selling book, Purpose Driven Life.

PDL  We had read the book when it was originally published about 10 years ago however in     anticipation and preparation of the group we have worked through it again. I must admit it is rich with insight and challenges the reader to new heights in reaching God’s purpose for their life. The new edition released last fall has several addition chapters and offers multimedia on your smartphone. I have had the opportunity to listen to several of the short and a few longer messages and found these to be power-packed.

We are looking forward to beginning the group. I see it as continued growth as I(we) move     along in our purposes in God’s plan for our lives in His kingdom. I am confident that as we step out in faith and share our journey with those He brings to us, God will to bless it and we in turn give it all back to Him in Glory.

I hope to share some of the Purpose Driven Life groups journey and revelations here with some regularity. It is my hope and prayer that you might pass something you learn or enjoy reading here to others. May your day be blessed with riches.    ~Paige

Purpose Discovered

6 thoughts on “Purpose Discovered

  1. I would love to hear what you learn and find worth sharing as you go through the study. The book didn’t appeal to me much when it came out; it’s time to look at it again.

    I got plunked into my career (corporate state income taxes) during a deep recession in 1988. It was one of my more minor roles at work, but when my employer went under, it was the skill that got me my next job. It took me quite a few years to realize that it was good for me. I worked less overtime and travelled less. It wasn’t a stellar career path, but I was better able to raise my daughter and balance work and family. Best of all, because it was of lesser importance, I also had less stress in the workplace.

    Years later, my skills became much more important in the workplace and of course, by then I was well established and heavily skilled. It did take me a long time to realize I had developed passion for my job and was where God wanted me to be. I’m glad you got there a lot faster and are enjoying the journey more than I did.



  2. You will be an inspiration to those that join your group you are facilitating! I try to add a little here and there about the influence of a higher being in my life without being too overt about it..But there are times we just need to say–“Hey this guy Jesus really touched my life.” Go for it!


  3. Hello Paige so nice to meet ya 🙂 I love The Purpose Driven Life and I know I’ll enjoy more of your post thanks for stopping in at my place.
    Love you 🙂


  4. I had this book for the last 10 years tucked away in my little cabinet of things. One day, it just literally fell down on my toes and caught my attention with an *ouch*! After God got my attention, I read the book with fresh eyes and had this study with my small group. Like David, I hope I also fulfilled my purpose in the generation I am living in!


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