Come Back

Blogging is sharing, developing and stretching ourselves through the shaping of our ideas. Blogging is about the community we become a part of by allowing our lives to become entwined with another. Blogging sharpens our ideas and perhaps gives us new ones. Blogging makes us laugh and sometimes leaves a tear. Blogging is real.

So what happens when one day you wake up and wonder, “why did I stop blogging?”.

Yes, life is busy and at my blogging peak I would spend considerable time in front of the computer reading and writing…often the problem in life is the inability to put down boundaries yet when we pick up a new hobby something in life’s schedule must change or we won’t have the time and ability to develop whatever new thing has caught our eye. I liked writing and I enjoyed reading my fellow blogger’s posts. Recently I had a comment from a fellow blogger just saying hi—even though I had not sat in this chair in over a year someone I “met” in blogosphere reached out and touched me, I find this truly remarkable.

So why not come back?

I am going to make a promise to myself to sit in this chair once to twice a week and write. Share my world with others and let your world influence mine.


Gingerbread Gem

5 thoughts on “Come Back

  1. hi Paige, nice to see you at it again. thanks for the link to my blog! 🙂
    it seems that a number of bloggers have disappeared from the radar here in the blogosphere. a couple have gone on to other creative ventures elsewhere, which is great to hear. one just suddenly stopped blogging or adding comments in April of this year, and yet another blogger passed away suddenly at only age 61 of a massive brain bleed but her husband kindly put the word out so that her blogging friends were in the know. it was quite shocking, actually, as she was in the prime of life and had just returned with her husband from a trip to Europe. She was only 66.
    that’s the thing about blogging. people suddenly appear online, and then just as suddenly they vanish from cyberspace again. i was just hoping to find out if you were doing well, and i am happy to learn that it is so.
    blogging is definitely something i enjoy doing, although it is not my life. so a balance that works for me is being at it about once or twice a week, and although it was not part of the original plans, i have been taking a two-month hiatus each summer.
    so no pressure, but it is really good to hear from you again. blessings to you and welcome back!


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