Is Letting Go an Act or an Art?


There are so many leaves. Piles of them.
I take pleasure in their abundance.
More saints than you could ever dream of.
Each one singular. Each one itself.
Red, yellow, orange, parchment.
They sail down in the autumn air like fearless skydivers.
They are so trusting—letting go completely.
Not questioning as I do….Will it be safe?
Will I understand? Will it hurt?
……..Stalling, qualifying, questioning,
instead of releasing and taking to the air.

~Gunilla Norris

I heard this poem several weeks ago while resting in Savasana at the end of a particularly satisfying yoga practice. The words struck a chord in my soul. I began to ask questions of myself and as so often is the case God began to place other writings into my hands to allow me to dig deeper and discover inner places that need to be surrendered into His sweet and loving hands. I suspect you, like me have ideas, hurts, fears, unfulfilled dreams that should be let go of to be made whole. I want to be like the leaves, fearless skydivers. How about you?