Life Changes-Part Two

“The truth you seek lies not on the road before you, but in the pauses along the way”

~ Jenni Pezzano


I stood there with the envelope in my hands for a few additional moments and then sliced it open, all the while contemplating what its contents would tell me and how my life would be affected. I scanned the letter and heard my husband ask well???

I didn’t get in I replied.

What, are you kidding me?

Nope, I’m not kidding. I gonna hang up now though.

Standing in my kitchen I quietly folded the letter back up and placed it into the envelope from which it came. Well now at least I knew. So many things would NOT have to change now. You see for me to attend school full-time I would quit the job I enjoyed so much, to say nothing of depending on the income. Now we won’t HAVE to sell the house which would be a struggle to afford without my salary. At least I knew. And quite surprisingly I was okay. Not devastated, not really even sad. One big question did emerge however. Now what?

What do you do when everything you have been preparing for and planning on doesn’t pan out the way you thought?

The only way I know how to answer that question is to seek God. Since I felt it was Him that called me to school to begin with I trusted that He had a plan. So I called out to Him, sought Him with all my heart, and asked for wisdom.

I began looking at other programs and when I felt I found the one that was right I had a conversation with my manager. Up until this point I had not told her that I did not get into the program. She was supportive of course but when I began sharing about the new program I was considering she advised against it. She shared her wisdom and I listened. She suggested I look at a degree in Nursing Education. I told her that this really doesn’t interest me, so back to the beginning I went.

A few days later I was surfing the web looking for programs and a school I had never before looked at came into my search. Hmmm I thought, what is this? A Christian University with the largest online population of students anywhere, with several nursing programs, how is it I have never seen this?

One phone call was all it took for me to know this was where God was planting me. The academic lifestyle was perfect; an entirely online nursing program that would allow me to work full-time AND attend classes. And the cost, let’s just say that it is a fraction of what I would have paid at the school that I wasn’t accepted into.

The other interesting thing is that when I sought God further I decided that Nursing Education is exactly the perfect degree for me. It will allow me to marry my passion for nursing with my desire to train the next generation of professionals. Woohoo, homerun!

So now I work all day and do classwork in the evening. It is a lot of work however it is wonderful to know that I am in the will of God which I found as I paused along the way.