I captured this photo over three years ago from the deck of our favorite eatery. At the time I thought, “cool shot, happy someone left it for me to snap”. Many visits later to that favorite spot and I know that the lone ladder is always there, simply waiting for someone to climb its rungs or take its picture.


Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

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  3. i like the lines created by the ladder itself, and the shadow it throws. very cool click.
    i am actually reminded of a shed i have been keeping an on every time i go to the Black Forest in Germany. there is a pole that is leaning against it, and i first noticed it about six years ago. i have begun to suspect that it might have the function of keeping the wall up, or providing some kind of support to the small wooden structure. although i am sure that is not the reason for the ladder here. but it is interesting how some simple objects can be very satisfying in their just being there. 🙂


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