Work Life Balance—distorted

Currently I am finding myself frustrated by the demands of work on my personal life. The expectations to my job have changed over the past 3 years and now often require early am(6:30) and later evening meetings. I find this challenging for a variety of reasons but mostly because “I like my life” and don’t really want to be tied up with work until 7,8 or 9 pm on a regular basis,even if just once or twice a week.

As a rule I am a fairly happy, positive person. And this month I have been encouraged by the pastor to make gratitude my song. Truthfully this is usually not a big problem for me but don’t you know when the challenge is on the devil will throw all kinds of arrows in your direction to prevent you from hitting the mark. Tomorrow I will get back on my positive game but for tonight I would ask for your input.

How do you handle this  type of stress in your life?