Gratitude Week 1

As I sat reading blog posts I was inspired to write a weekly reflection of sorts. My hope is to challenge myself to identify the beauty in each day and grow in gratitude as I realize all that I am blessed with. I wrote a brief post earlier in the week that I am sure if you read it you appreciated the undercurrent of strife with which I was contending. I received some great advice as a result of that post and continued to spend some time in quiet reflection pondering the situation. I realized that I don’t have to be stressed—it is a choice. Well I chose to let it go, surrendered it to God. You see the reason He exhorts us to give thanks in all things is because when we are being thankful and have a heart full of gratitude and a mouth of praise it is IMPOSSIBLE to be grumpy, stressed, unhappy or contentious. So as I look back at my week here are some of the things I choose to be thankful for.

*Celebrating another birthday with my wonderful mom, sister, and daughter number 2. We are not all so fortunate to have so many lives to love who love us back.

*Spending quiet time on my yoga mat, meditating, and praying.

*Having a wonderful husband who cares enough to listen when I came home after an unpleasant day. Again not all are so fortunate.

*Winning a book from Goodreads by an author I enjoy very much. I was thrilled to receive it in the mail and have already started reading. Prayer, by Timothy Keller.

*Luxuriating at the Spa of Essex yesterday where daughter number 2 did my monthly facial after I enjoyed the steam room followed by the most scrumptious, engulfing chair you would every want to sit in!

* Caring for beautiful, courageous women battling with breast cancer who daily bring encouragement and strength into my life. Today I had a message from a mom whose daughter I helped navigate the most complicated insurance problem I have ever encountered—the news—she was reinstated!!

*I will even celebrate the snow powdered ground to which I awoke this morning. While winter is not my favorite season there is a still and quiet beauty that comes this time of year.


I am encouraged by the simple splendor found in my daily life. I hope to make this a regular weekly post, please join me if you are up to the challenge!



10 thoughts on “Gratitude Week 1

  1. Love this post! It’s easy to find things to stress about or complain about, but with just a bit of effort (as you have exhibited here) we can find much to be thankful for. Kudos to you for turning toward the light!


  2. You’re reading Robert Grudin’s book??? I didn’t think anybody else knew that book existed. I just ordered two more in the mail to replace some ratted out copies (actually, my daughter’s flat out got ruined and she was quite disappointed). I wish it was on Kindle.

    Sorry. Saw it in the side bar. I did enjoy the post. I’m too tired tonight to post, but it’s a good idea you have here.



  3. Your help with that young woman’s insurance issues made me thankful for you too! I’ve often thought that if I ever have a serious illness or accident, what a nightmare it will be handling and understanding the insurance aspects. I had a friend who died from cancer a few years ago, and when she was so sick, she told me how she had to call and fight for insurance benefits, etc. I thought how horrible that a person has to do that, especially when they are so deathly ill. Bless you for helping that young woman!


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