Gratitude- Week Two

There is much to be thankful for and I am finding JOY in thinking back across the day/week to discover that special something I found delight in.

* On Saturday I spent the entire day at home. Yep, that’s right never left once and it was simply wonderful. I am thankful that I was able to be accomplished and enjoy the warmth and peace I can only find in my most special place, home.

* Sunday brought much to give thanks for. My dad treated me and my favorite guy to the play “Wicked” and dinner. What a fabulous day. Time with special people in a venue that is beautiful. It is difficult not to be thankful for the talent that adorns the stage from actors, musicians, to costume makers.

* As the new work week began I was thankful for a job that I enjoy and the opportunity to help so many hurting people. I also am thankful for the commuter van that dropped and picked me up at the door in the rainy weather.

* Tuesday left me feel especially thankful for some of the professional relationships I have built over these past few years. It is because of these relationships that I am able to call upon people to lend a hand in unique situations where without that special touch a patient in need would go without.

* The beauty of the day. Sun shining, blue sky, crisp air. Birds flying to and fro in search of vittles. A couple of magnificent photo’s on FB of bald eagles right here in my backyard(well practically). I wish I had time this weekend to go out looking for the majestic birds myself. Eagles

* Thankful Thursday. Grateful that my son will soon be home for the Thanksgiving holiday. While I am not a cold weather fan I found myself giving thanks for the changing seasons in weather and life.

* So Thankful to have spent the evening at a ladies retreat where we worshiped, prayed, listened and enjoyed special treats. God’s presence was palpable in the room as we sang about His love for us.  I am including a You tube link of the song performed by Jesus Culture singing of His love for Us. I hope you take the eight and half minutes to listen to this song—His love can change your life.

Thanks for reading.

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