Sitting is the new smoking

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that I am a nurse. In the nearly 30 years since I first began my career, nursing has changed ALOT. For the first decade or so I worked in the busy emergency department. We didn’t even have enough chairs for staff to sit in but frankly it didn’t matter because most of the time you were too busy to sit. One newly built department wasn’t even designed with a break room for staff–it was definitely a flaw but it spoke to how little sitting was done.

Today I am a different kind of busy. Yes there are days when I may walk back and forth to the hospital one, two sometimes even three times in a single day most of my time is spent on the phone, in front of a computer SITTING. Now let’s add in the hour plus commute each way and my classtime and time I spend blogging and a clear problem is revealed; I must have roots growing out of my backside.

In all seriousness this is really a problem. And I know I am not alone. For a while I was using a stability ball in my office but it got a hole in it, I do hope to buy a new one for my birthday though. I also try to stand at my desk but it is very difficult to type for any length of time because my body is contorted. I asked about the possibility of getting a treadmill desk, mostly because I was interested to hear the reply since I knew it wasn’t in the budget(most can’t even get headsets, I have one and am most thankful). I try to take the stairs when I am out and about and was even doing a stair challenge with some of my co-workers for a few weeks but somehow that has ceased. I do try to go outside for a walk during the day and need to be more faithful to that commitment. At home sometimes I will stand when I eat, I often do this if we go out for dinner and we are at the bar. But overall I find it hard to spend more time standing and less sitting. And according to everyone this is a major problem for us humans.

What are your habits? Do you sit too much or have you found ways to add more standing time into your day? I would really like to hear your ideas. I did include a few articles on the topic, all of which as pretty interesting.

Sitting is killing you

Sitting is the smoking of our generation

Ways sedentary life is killing you

6 thoughts on “Sitting is the new smoking

  1. A few months back I finally entered modern times and replaced my PC with a laptop. Since then I find that I prefer to place it on the bar countertop in our kitchen and stand while I work on it. I actually find that I am more productive and write better that way. I have a short attention span and tend to be fidgety so I get up and down often. I left an office job a few months ago, and I hope when I decide to go back to work I can find something that has me on my feet at least part of the day. Maybe if you got a pedometer or one of those fitness trackers it would be motivation to take extra steps each day?


    • Yes I did use a pedometer for quite a while and found it acted as an enticement to make the recommended 10K steps, I probably need to re-initiate that. I wish we used laptops at work because I do believe it allows for greater flexibility. I do find that it takes conscience effort to get up from the chair and stand rather than just sit. But conscience we must be.


  2. I couldn’t agree more! The other problem is that when we’re sitting, we’re not even sitting properly, which contributes to all kinds of neck and back issues. Working in an office, I do take frequent breaks to get up and walk around for a bit, but I still feel there’s too much sitting!

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    • I did find that my posture was better when I used the stability ball. I try take breaks, do yoga stretches, walks during the day but I need to do more. One of those articles I posted has a person who began to have walking meetings…it’s an awesome idea wish I could do that!

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  3. this post really challenged me, for i sit far too much. i am playing a new keyboard in a band, having switched from an acoustic piano. and even before reading this i had asked when it was set up that it be at a height where i could stand rather than sit. after reading this post, i was doubly glad for my decision.
    and this also impacted how i wrapped Christmas presents this year. the adults in my family have long since stopped exchanging gifts, since we all have everything we need. but the kids still get presents. so i was determined to do that standing up rather than sitting down this year. i only had a short sitting down break when writing the ‘from/to’ gift tags.
    looking forward to new and innovative ways to eliminate more sitting from my daily routines. thanks for sharing!


    • That is great! I think we all need to challenge ourselves to discover activities that can be accomplished by standing rather than taking a chair. During a recent educational session I elected to stand, and later sit on the floor in some basic yoga moves…I did at first alert the instructor to my choice. Now he just says…too much sitting today?!


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