I ate brussels sprouts (and lived)

I have read that you either love or hate brussels sprouts. I have never been a fan of the miniature cabbage heads. The last time I “tried” them was 2 Thanksgivings ago when my sister brought some to join the feast. I took a “no thank you serving”, that is what we call it on our house when you really don’t like or want to try something new. Anyway, I ate a couple but just didn’t like them.

Last week when I picked up my first load of veggies from the CSA brussels sprouts were among the bins, the sign read “take two stalks”. Now you don’t have to take anything you do not want but I am paying for it so if figure what the heck, my husband likes them so I can fix for him. So I came home with my 2 stalks.

First I needed to research how to keep these little cabbage heads. A quick google search revealed that removing from the stalk and placing in a bowl in the fridge is all that is needed to keep the sprouts fresh for a couple of weeks.

When you get ready to use them you peel off the outer skins and cut the stalks off and you are good to go.

Next I needed to find a recipe that might change my mind. I scoured Pinterest. I finally found a recipe that sounded fantastic. It called for roasted brussels sprouts and parsnips(also part of the weekly distribution) and a lemon tahini sauce. I had everything I needed to make this right in the kitchen so I decided to give it a whirl.

Trimming the sprouts was fairly time consuming but once in the oven to roast you have time to prepare the tahini sauce. The recipe says that you “drizzle” the sauce over the veggies. My sauce was too thick to drizzle so I just dipped into it but I could have mixed it into the veggies.

So what was my reaction? These were quite tasty even without the sauce. I will make them again for sure. If you are looking for a new way to prepare the sprouts or like me have them on the do not eat list I suggest giving this recipe a try.

“Brussels sprouts are the nerdy girl in high school that got hot.” – Jared Fried

6 thoughts on “I ate brussels sprouts (and lived)

  1. I love brussel sprouts! I have a great recipe pinned on Pinterest that I’ll look up for you when I get home. I’m on the road right now and my Internet connection is poor. The recipe also roasts them but with an apple and some bacon.



  2. hi Paige, i wanted to wait until i was at my laptop before leaving more comments. didn’t want you to have to approve too many 🙂
    anyhow, it turns out that not all brussel sprouts have been created equally. at least not all recipes have. i grew up enjoying them when my mom prepared them – i must actually ask her how she used to cook them. with the memory of their awesome flavour still fresh in my mind even after all those 100 years, more or less, i intentionally selected them as a vegetable of choice in the cafeteria at work quite a few years ago.
    and i was expecting that awesome flavour to be there again. but i was very much disappointed. bitter they were, and besides that, bland and a bit mushier than i remembered. so i have never ordered them again. they were likely frozen. my mom’s were always prepared fresh, and to this day, whenever she serves them, are still as awesome as ever.
    glad you found a recipe that you enjoyed, too!


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