New and Scary #4-Perspective

I haven’t had any time to write lately as school has kept me very busy. I am home today on a snow day, (southeastern CT got 2-3 feet of the white stuff dumped on us and it continues to snow as I write), so I thought I would sit for a spell and share my heart.

We (my favorite guy and I) have been in the midst of some transitions in our lives and to say that these have not gone according to “our” plan would be an understatement. The problem with this line of thinking is that it isn’t “our” plan, it is His, and frankly speaking He knew all along what was going to occur long before it happened. I share this with you now because at some point I am actually going to clue in before the event and make adjustments or at least be better prepared for the outcome. But for this moment and this situation I am now clued in…or at least for this snapshot in time. And this is what I hear…

We look at situations in the natural…with our natural eyes. What we need to be doing is looking at the situation from God’s perspective. When we get a glimpse of how He sees the it—whoa, watch out—it probably doesn’t look at all like what we thought. We are so self absorbed and focused on what “we” need but His word tells us that He will take care of us, meeting our every need with abundant provision. Why do you think He does this…provide for all our needs that is? Because if all our needs are taken care of we can be about the business of the kingdom. What is that you ask? Saving souls, of course. Our most important task is to show others who Jesus is. Doing what Jesus did. Bringing heaven to earth.

So ask yourself, how are you doing today with this mandate? I know I received a Holy chiropractic adjustment when I laid down.


5 thoughts on “New and Scary #4-Perspective

  1. I’m doing better this week with His “mandate”, but last week was terrible. It’s looking like we might have to move for my next job and I was so pissed off. When I set the word “create” as my 2015 Word, I did not intend it to be “create a new life”. I’m tired of moving, of how much money we will lose (again), and losing another two years of my life. In the midst of this, a friend sent me a beautiful card with Jeremiah 29:11 in it (I know the plans for you. . . ).

    So, this week has been better, but last week was full of a lot of angry prayers. I still have no offers, so there is no final solution yet.



    • Nancy,
      I am sorry to hear of the struggles. Moving definitely can be stressful and unpleasant but it can also be adventurous. Just remember that God usually doesn’t move us backward so if He is moving you it is about expansion. Get ready to stretch! Had to chuckle when I read about your word for 2015, just like God to be so sneaky like that. Hang on. I pray that you will find wisdom and peace.

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      • I’ve moved 13 times and we lose our life for about 2 years after each move. It’s a combination of the overtime requirements for a new job (I have yet to get one that didn’t involve cleaning up a big mess), unpacking, fixing up whatever the prior owner didn’t do in the house, plus finding stores, doctors, vets., etc.

        So no, I don’t plan to use “create” if I’m a situation where I’m trying to survive. I’ll destroy the word and either do without or go with a different word.

        I appreciate your encouragement. It helped me clarify my thoughts and prayers about this. I’m also nearly done drafting my post on my 2015 Word, so I incorporated some of this into there as well.

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  2. The good thing about venting to you is I did manage to tame my post down so it wasn’t quite so negative. Thank you (and sorry). It isn’t that my life is so perfect in my blog as it is that I don’t want to memorialize stuff that really shouldn’t be remembered years from now.

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