Do something everyday that scares you

As I have continued to challenge myself by doing things that scare me I have spent time reflecting on some of my past fears(now overcome). What I discovered through my reflection is a true testimony of the progress we make in life as we partner with God in the plan He has for our life.

I can recall a time in the not so distant past that I almost forfeited an opportunity to attend what was an amazing Christian conference because I was too uptight to spend time in the same hotel room with a few other sisters. Since that time I have traveled to several foreign countries, alone. The first of these trips was to the earthquake ravaged country of Haiti. I wasn’t even sure where Haiti was when the opportunity presented itself but I said YES immediately. I would not have been able to do that a few years earlier. Now this isn’t to say that it wasn’t scary because it was. I remember being completely unnerved when in a very crowded airport I became separated from my passport as the airport porter made me lay my bag on the conveyor belt. This may not sound scary if your travel has not taken you to poor, underdeveloped countries that have just experienced a gigantic influx of travelers all on a journey to offer care after the most catastrophic earthquake to strike this hemisphere in recent memory.

I remember how scared I was what I would feel prompted by God to share a word with the congregation during a Sunday morning worship service. Nowadays I am quick to obey when I feel the Lord tug at my heart and even breath the entire time!

Even something as simple as deciding to ride on the commuter van was scary. Getting into a vehicle and riding 2 hours a day with complete strangers was overwhelming. Today I can call each of those “strangers” friends. But even having accomplished this feat I am intimidated to ride the city bus. Not that we have a real city bus where I live here in rural Southeastern CT but nonetheless, I intend to get on the bus one day soon and experience what it is like to have to use this as my only form of transportation for a shopping excursion.

Going into a yoga class or any exercise class for the first time was scary. Now I am eager to find a yoga studio and attend a class everywhere I travel.

Last year I embarked on a new and scary adventure when I felt a prompting from God to teach a teen girl Sunday school class…well more than teach, initiate. This has turned out to be a remarkable blessing in my life. And I can understand at a greater level how investing into lives of those entrusted to us has such great value.

It is important that I keep staring fear in the face because that is where the growth occurs. I am so thankful for this idea to conquer scary things on a regular basis this year.

So what have I done recently? Well last week I needed to reach out to someone who would agree to be a model family for a class  was taking…this was scary for sure… but not only was the answer yes, they really enjoyed telling the story to me. Sadly I have been the person to engage the painful life choices conversation with several of my oncology patients whose disease is progressing. This is always a scary conversation, necessary but scary. And I have had to face the scary truth that I may not get a perfect score in this class I am currently taking. But I will still be okay at the end of the day.

So what have you done this week that is a scary challenge? I would love to hear from you.


9 thoughts on “Do something everyday that scares you

  1. Nothing scary this week. Just job searching and keeping everything ready for when the phone call comes that a baby is on its way. That’s okay too.

    Congratulations on getting out of your comfort zone! Sometimes I think that gets easier with practice and then I backslide and realize that no, it didn’t. I still have to push myself. Ah well, that’s how it goes.

    Have a good week and thanks for sharing your story!


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  2. I love this concept and I’m wondering if I should be challenging myself to do the same. I was just drafting a post yesterday (hopefully for this week) about the first time I road on a motorcycle. I’m the least spontaneous person, but sometimes you just need to do it.

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  3. You really have has some adventures and your faith protected you. I would not be very comfortable going to Haiti but admire that you did. And traveling alone, I would be hesitant to do that in a foreign country too. Your talking with cancer patients would be something I also would have trouble doing. I would be very sympathetic, but no help for them in how to proceed with their disease and the end of their lives.


    • Talking about end of life issues can be difficult and scary however when I think of the alternatives, i.e. not talking about it I find that even worse. People want to discuss this and need a loving and supportive person to listen and guide them. I have been privileged to be that person for so many-it is a true place of honor.


  4. I know it is fear that has stopped me from doing many things, but at the same time I noticed was getting sicker. When everything in my life came to a head (literally as a brain tumor was found), I realized why fear had been over taking me more and more. I had lost part of me inside my head that was tough and resilient. I am truly trying to find that person again inside me. It is there, but it will and has manifested itself in a different manner. I am weaker now in body, but I am learning to hold on tight to all that is good. I find some help through God. I just wish for more of Him and understanding in ways I have never in the past. Time I hope is on my side to rediscover more!!!


  5. I did have to face something scary this week, and that was running the editorial board meeting for the first time, because the editor-in-chief did not make it! But it went well, Thanks God 🙂
    Thank you for writing this post!


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