Looking Forward

What are you most looking forward to right now? Leave a comment & let me know.

I am looking forward to the return of my best friend, Steven. The plan doesn’t get in until Saturday evening though and then it will take a few hours for him to drive home. So it will be late.

One of my favorite photo’s from MY trip to Guatemala last March. I just love the COLOR.


Simple Women’s Daybook

March 10, 2012 entry for the Simple Women’s Daybook.



Outside my window…the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Looks warmer than it truly is according to the weather.com service. Next week will offer a real taste of Spring.

I am thinking…about a blog make-over. Maybe a bit more “themed” by day. I am discovering that I am so diverse and blogging gives an opportunity to develop my creativity or maybe better said, share my creative side.

I am thankful…I got to spend time with my beautiful daughter Jessica last night. We get to share so little time one on one. The conversation and meal we shared was delightful.


In the kitchen…I don’t suspect much activity to occur this week as my husband is away.

I am wearing…more comfy robe and PJ’s and may just stay in them all day long! After all I am alone and how often does this happen?!

I am creating…the life I desire.

I am going…to have lunch and shop with my mom tomorrow. We haven’t spent time together in a few months so I am really looking forward to this outing.

I am wondering…what God has planned for my husband this week. He is off on an adventure as a short term missionary in Guatemala. The team has 3 focuses; medical, street evangelism and construction. Steven felt led by God to pursue the translation of a few easy worship songs to be shared. The initial thought was there would be opportunity to share during morning devotion time with the team. However he got a call a day prior to leaving from the FT missionary saying “I have led eleven trips now and have never had one come together like this. Plan to make as many copies of the music as you can bring, there will be 2 opportunities for worship with the villages. Oh I just know that God is up to something! I am so excited just writing this. Please pray for him and the team and the beautiful people of Guatemala. Below is the team that went last year. I am wearing the red shirt second from the left . Please also take a few minutes to explore the web page GO Ministries.

I am reading…a couple of books. Check my reviews on Goodreads.

Costly Grace                            The Immortal Life of Henriatta Lacks

I am hoping…to develop a faithful exercise regimen for myself this month. There I said it…that might help me make the commitment.

I am looking forward to…Spring! and the flowers that come with it.

I am learning…to make a plan and see it through to the end. I am pleased about this because earlier this year I realized I was not reaching my full potential by lack of follow through. In my post Destination I describe my ah-ha moment

Around the house…things are quiet. Only me and the pets here and they are both asleep. What a life!

I am pondering…what a blog make-over would look like.

A favorite quote for today…from this morning’s devotional reading…”Changing your luck means consciously ridding yourself of the obstacles you place in your own path- luck busters and luck blockers-such as your own thinking, which is the foundation for your belief system.” Taken from Romancing the Ordinary but originally sourced from Create Your Own Luck: 8 Principles of Attracting Good Fortune in Life, Love and work.

One of my favorite things…finding surprises along the way.

A few plans for the rest of the week: lunch and shopping tomorrow after Worship, another Tiara Tuesday event on March 13th, probably pretty quiet otherwise.

A peek into my day..if it is warm enough I think I may venture out with my new camera to explore for my next photo assignment.

Well it is almost noon. I better move along. Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day!


New York City


I love NY

New York in December continued…

So when I left you we were visiting Ground Zero and the site of the new World Trade Center. After we poked around for about an hour I could wait no longer breakfast was a must. There was a typical style NY deli across the street so we placed and order for a couple of egg sandwiches to go. We sat in the old cemetery in front of St. Paul’s eating our breakfast. It was chilly but sunny. After breakfast we headed for the subway with our eyes on mid-town.

We got off in Times Square station. It was my first time in this station and it was HUGE. I wasn’t sure we would ever find our way to street level but with some help we did. Funny story- as we exited the station Steven wanted to buy some sugarless mints(he apparently left his in his bag at the hotel). He approaches a conveniently placed newsstand, selects his mints and hands to the cashier. The cashier in turn tells him that will be $1.19 plus tax. So he asks the obvious next question- how much is tax? The incredulous answer is “I don’t know”. Of course not, why would the cashier know how much tax is? I laughed so hard I could barely walk out the door.

But out the door we went settling into the mass of people that were moving about the city sidewalks this week before Christmas. We walked through Times Square, always a fascinating place with the lights and people. As we moved our way through the city streets I happened upon Elmo, you know the Sesame Street character. My young nephew is a real fan so I had my husband snap a few pictures and I dropped a couple of dollars into the bag.


We stumbled upon a wonderful outdoor street fair with booth upon booth of vendors selling their wares. It was crowded but I enjoyed looking at all the unusual things to purchase. There was a lovely outdoor skating rink and temporary restaurant. I say temporary because it was made of something like heavy-duty vinyl and heated with those propane heaters that are used on outdoor patios. In the picture below the restaurant is toward the back.


From here we headed to 5th avenue. I wanted to show my husband the famous holiday windows. I will say that while they were nice it wasn’t all I remember it being when I was a kid. To my surprise Steven wanted to go inside Saks…really? Ok, I relented, everyone should have this experience once in their life. If you have never been when you enter at the ground level you are bombarded with a cache of scents in the magnificent beauty department. At this time of year there are plenty of well dressed young men and woman to assist in the selection of your next favorite scent. After sniffing a few scents we moved on. The elevator in Saks is an experience. Believe it or not there are elevator operators. We got off on one of the many women’s clothing floors and touched and looked at some beautiful gowns and party dresses. Sticker shock was all over Steven’s face. Time to go…

Directly next store to Saks is St. Patrick’s Cathedral. It was midday and we were a bit weary from all the walking and in need of a rest. St. Patrick’s was the perfect refuge. Packed with people, many of whom were making their way to the front to view the life size nativity, we opted to sit for a while. Even with all the people it was pretty quiet. Amazing how such a boisterous city can be hushed in a house of worship. Quietly we sat, watching, praying, relishing the history of the Cathedral.

Next stop Rockefeller Center. For me this is the heart of NYC at Christmas. The giant tree. The ice skating rink. The trumpeters. The people.





We chose not to skate. We just walked around with the crowd enjoying the sites and sounds of the city at this special time of year. The afternoon was wearing on and we were getting hungry so we began to make our way back to Times Square. I had seen a brewery right outside the station that I thought would be a good spot to grab a late lunch before taking the subway back to Jersey. I can’t recall the name of the brewery but the food was good, all prepared fresh with real fries and the brew was tasty. Plus we could watch out the large windows that looked onto the street…a fascinating place to people watch.

As we made our way to our hotel and car for the ride home the sun was setting. There was a cruise ship leaving the NY Harbor heading someplace warm for the week. The pictures below were snatched just before we left for home.





It was a nice weekend. Hope you enjoyed the trip.



New York in December




My husband and I celebrated my birthday in December with a trip to NYC. He had never been to the city during the Christmas season and I believed it was high time. I found an inexpensive hotel on Hotel.com that was in the Jersey side of the river which was not only convenient to the PASS train but lovely as well. So we drove to the city on a Friday after rush hour for a couple of days of fun in the city.


I was captivated by the views from my hotel window. I could see Lady Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.


After grabbing a tasty lunch at the hotel bar we took a nap so that we could be refreshed for the adventurous evening.

We hopped the PASS train and rode over the lower Manhattan. We like to play pool and I had found a place on a website that looked as though it would be a fun place to spend a couple of hours. The place is called Fat Cat. It is a jazz bar in a huge basement that is strewn with pool, ping pong, and shuffleboard tables as well as chess, checkers and some other games I was unfamiliar with. There was a live 3 piece jazz band playing and people all over playing games and having fun.

The photo below is the escalator taking you down to the PASS train. It was very steep, not my favorite part of the trip.IMG_2859

After playing a couple of games of pool on very big tables and losing badly to my husband we hit the street to find somewhere for dinner. Now I am a true foodie and NY is full of fabulous places to eat. We settled on an authentic Mexican place. Food was great and the margarita’s got better after my husband mentioned it wasn’t as strong as he hoped.


Saturday morning we headed over to the site of the World Trade Center. The photo’s below are of the new towers being erected. We also spent quite a bit of time in St. Paul Chapel. It was so moving to read the plaques and see the pictures of those that risked and volunteered their lives during the months that followed the tragedy. Take a few minutes to explore the link and if you get to NYC go to see for yourself. I was moved to tears for the entire visit.


Part Two to follow…